New WAGS Star Amber Nichole Miller Throws Serious Shade At Olivia Pierson

The shade!

On this Sunday’s new WAGS, new WAG Amber Nichole Miller does not shy away from giving the ladies her opinion of veteran WAGS Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro.

While wine tasting with Autumn Ajirotutu and Barbie Blank, Amber brings up an Instagram post that shows Olivia cuddling up to a sports star named Joel.

“We know that she really, really wants to be a WAG,” Autumn says.

Amber says, “But I feel like if you don’t have a dude you’re just a pro ho if that’s all you date. You’re not a WAG.”

“It kind of seems like it’s OK to go out with them and be seen with them and have them spend money on me, do all these things,” Autumn adds.

“I mean, not unless you’re an escort,” Amber says. Meow! 

“Amber definitely is here for the tea,” Autumn laughs. “Amber said it, not me!”

Watch the shady moment above!



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