Hollywood’s Many Men Accused Of Sexual Misconduct: All The Allegations, Responses And Fallout

Widespread sexual misconduct is no longer Hollywood’s darkest secret.

The multiple women who came forward with allegations of abuse against Harvey Weinstein in early October kick-started a show biz scandal that has yet to simmer. Now, more than 20 men in Hollywood face accusations against them.

The accusers, which range from once-aspiring young actresses to the most A-list of leading ladies, have demanded those in positions of power to take a closer look at their actions and enact change from the top down. 

The accused include the likes of men in front of (Kevin SpaceyLouis C.K.Jeffrey Tambor) and behind (Brett RatnerJames Toback) the camera, and their responses to the allegations and the repercussions they’ve felt vary greatly. 

Find a complete list of such cases below. 




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