Cyber Monday Tech Deals For Every Type Of Homeowner

Cyber Monday is basically Black Friday, but better.

Not only do you get the same killer deals, but you can do if from the comfort of your own home. Speaking of your home, yours could use a few appliance upgrades. We know: You’ve been eyeing that Vitamix blender for your 2018 health kick, but it’s not a cheap buy. Thankfully for you, it’s just one of the many deals eBay is serving up post-Thanksgiving. 

Our advice: Strike now while the iron is hot. Same goes for all those other techie devices you’ve been sitting on for a while now.

From decked-out iPads to movie theatre-like surround-sound speakers, eBay is a Cyber Monday gold mine for every type of homeowner.

Home sweet home, indeed. 

For more details on these techie gifts be sure to watch E! News tonight. Then head over to eBay to buy ’em! And for even more gift ideas, watch above!



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