Asiah Collins’ Nasty Fight With Crystal Smith’s Friends Brings Platinum Life Filming To A Halt: ”I’m About To Bop This Bitch!”

Things in Cancún are going from bad to worse for the ladies of The Platinum Life.  What started out as a flawless photo shoot for Asiah Collins quickly turned into a shouting match between Asiah, Shantel Jackson and Crystal Smith‘s friends.

In this clip from Thursday’s all-new The Platinum Life, Crystal’s friends can be heard screaming at the girls from across the way.

“Crystal! Bitch, stop playing. Westside!” The girls yelled.

After planning the trip and inviting all the ladies, Asiah was in awe that Crystal’s friends would behave that way.

“Everyone knew this trip was about me doing this photo shoot for Ethika. So for your friends, your guests to be acting disrespectful and ratchet like this in front of the entire resort, in front of Danny, you’re like ruining my business opportunity,” a disappointed Asiah lamented.

It didn’t take long for Asiah and her crew to respond, lighting fuel to a fire that would burn through the night.

“I’m about to bop this bitch in her head! Come bring your ass over here then. I’m right here. I don’t know you. I ain’t never seen you before in my life. Who is you? I’m supposed to know who you are? Who is you?” Asiah yelled back.

Things got so bad, that the camera crew stepped in and stopped production to avoid any further conflict.

Watch the girls go tit for tat in the crazy clip above.



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