Lana And Nia Jax Get Into A Heated Argument On Total Divas: “I Don’t Play Nice!”

Lana lets loose! 

On this week’s episode of Total Divas, Lana is getting on everyone’s nerves. Well, mostly Nattie Neidhart‘s, but things take a turn for the worse when Lana insults the ladies promo skills. 

“Before people start coming at me with my bad wrestling, besides Carmella here who can actually cut a good promo…they should probably go and get an acting class,” Lana tells the other ladies. 

While Nattie is quick to hold her tongue, Nia Jax don’t play that way. “Lana is lucky that Nattie’s nice but it’s a different game when it comes to me. I don’t play nice,” Nia says before giving Lana a piece of her mind. 

“When I’m thrown into that position, I’ll be fine. When you’re thrown into a wrestling position, make sure that you’ll be able to pull through,” Nia tells her. But Lana is just getting started.  

“This is the f–king problem that I have. I will do everything to get f–king better. If that means coming here and practicing 7 days a week, if that means going to LA, if that means whatever. I’ll do whatever,” Lana shares. “Unlike your lazy motherf–king ass that won’t do anything to get better on the mic.”

Before things get too out of hand, Carmella tries to play the peace maker. “All of us have something to bring to the table, let’s not f—king tear each other down,” she cautions the women. They definitely fight like sisters. 

See all the action in the clip above! 



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