Ciara’s Sweet Birthday Message To Russell Wilson Will Make Your Heart Melt

While there have certainly been a lot of splits in 2017, at least one celeb couple is holding strong—Ciara and Russell Wilson. These two couldn’t be more in love after a little over a year of marriage.

On Wednesday, the singer gushed over her main man’s birthday in an oh-so-sweet video that she shared on her Instagram.

Along with the video, which shows a makeup-free and fresh-faced songstress speaking to the camera, Ciara wrote the caption, “Happy Birthday My Sweet Husband. I Love You @DangeRussWilson.”

In the video, the “Ride” singer swoons over her 29-year-old football player, “I love you so much. I am so excited for this special day for you. It is your birthday, but I also hope you feel like every day is your birthday or at least it is my goal to love you that way. May this year be everything you hope for and more—everything that you work hard for and more, you work hard. And you inspire me.”

The singer, who welcomed daughter Sienna Princess with the Seattle Seahawks QB in April, continues, “I am grateful for the man that you are to our house, the father that you are to our kids, the lover that you are. You inspire me to be better. You make me a better woman. I am a better woman because of you.”

She added, “You make me want to figure out ways to love in a way that I never knew I could but I sure want to try hard as heck to make you happy because you make me feel so good. I hope you feel all the love you make me feel on this special day. I love you. Happy Birthday. You are the best…in the world. You are the best to me. I love you. Happy Birthday!”

Happy birthday, Russell, looks like you’ve got the love of a good woman!

Check out the couple, who married in a lavish English ceremony on July 6, 2016, and their most adorable moments over the past few years…



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