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Although we are still on the outskirts of a recession, there are pockets of success scattered around the country. These pockets offer recent grades and potential interns the chance to gain a job in their chosen field and show that there are areas of the country where the recession is in fact gone.

These cities were based off of indicators of progress from statistics of unemployment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unfortunately, the highest gain in employment of any city in any state was less than 1%, but there were other markers that showed there is a light in the end of the recession tunnel. The increases are based from December 2008 to December 2009.

Biggest Increase of Employment

  1. Arlington, Virginia -.5% increase
  2. Bronx, New York -.2% increase
  3. Brooklyn, New York -.2% increase

Fastest Growing Cities

  1. Raleigh, North Carolina – 36.6% increase
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada – 35.6% increase
  3. Austin, Texas – 32.2%

Biggest Increase in Wages

  1. Douglas, Colorado – 26.1%
  2. Alachua, Florida – 10.1%
  3. Durhan, North Carolina – 9.5%

Largest Increase in Income

  1. Biloxi, Mississippi – 17.5%
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana – 16.9%
  3. Manhattan, Kansas – 13.7%

Keep in mind that these places are based on increases from their own area. For example, the number one biggest increase in wages was a town in between bigger cities that no one has heard of. However, because of the growth of the cities surrounding them, the cities wages has gone up in huge amounts. That number still might not be the same though, as say New York or Washington, D.C.

On the same coin, places like Biloxi, Mississippi, a place that was hit almost as hard as New Orleans during Hurrican Katrina, has an increase of income due to Katrina and the extreme low they had when it hit.

It is all relative, but seeing there is growth, no matter how small, shows there is promise for career growth in America.

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