A person just like me always wants to know if they can REALLY find a legit online job. Well, you can and you can’t. The only way you can find a great legit online job is if you are willing to spend some time and effort in finding a legit online job. The way you can’t is if you are a lazy bum who just wants to work for someone for $10/hour. The ways I figure out if a legit online job works is by asking friends, family members, and check out if they have tried making money online. If

If you’re stuck in a career rut, and find that you want more out of life, then you should make a change. People spend most of their lives at work, more hours a week than they do with family and friends, so you should be spending it doing something you like, and that gives you the freedoms that you want. Data entry is a career that can give you all of this, plus more. Yes, data entry is a career, not a job. People sometimes think of entry work as a short term job to earn you a little bit

My husband has been dead for just over a year. My son is a junior in college now. Some significant time has passed and I decided it was time to begin my career. I always knew that after devoting myself completely to my family and to motherhood, that I would eventually have a career. I just knew that I was not going to be able to do both and be good at either if I did it all at the same time. Well, I may perhaps could have been good at both but not great… and I really needed and

Blogging is one of those tasks that people tend to shy away from. It’s seen as just another thing that gets tagged on to your already overflowing work pile. It’s an inconvenience; a waste of time. Or is it? Your management team’s latest idea for boosting customer engagement is to get every team member to write a blog post. Today it’s your turn. The whole point of setting up a rota is that you are prepared for your turn when it comes round, but of course, you’re completely unprepared and haven’t given it any thought. You know you should be

Usually, just right after the New Year’s celebration, many of us start looking at the resolutions we made and, if you’re like many people, yours probably resemble more of a grocery list: You want to exercise more, make more money, have a savings, learn a skill (let’s say playing the guitar), get a better job (so you can make more money) and find a lover (if you haven’t found one yet, or the one you have isn’t as “loving”). A typical scenario might be like this: You’ll look at this laundry list of New Year’s resolutions and you would pick

Every college leader knows that student employment success depends on a number of important factors. To help students improve their chances for success in the job market, most colleges have created a Career Services Department. This department helps students: – Identify a career direction and a college major – Find Internships and part-time jobs – Prepare their resumés and cover letters – Identify job banks and other employment resources – By arranging for campus interviews… and much more However, most colleges are not able to devote the personnel, money and resources that are necessary to reach and help each and

Dear readers, today I came up with new article to help you make money online by doing mini jobs at your home. As internet is the ocean of information, same is with the opportunities of online business and part time jobs. There are countless variety in online jobs and the amount you can earn online. In this article I am going to discuss some freelance kind of websites, which offers you the opportunity to do work at home job. In freelance sites, buyer post projects and you bid on them to earn project, while here, you will say that “I

Job searching is truly a full-time job. It involves more than just applying for positions you see on a job board or in the newspaper. It is about reaching out to others and connecting both online and offline. When you make your job search more about the connections, you are very wisely choosing to make your search a strategic one. As you plan your next big career move, you’ll want to also be very strategic about your free time as well! The Importance of Having a Strategy for Your Downtime By no means should you feel that your newfound free

As students and parents sift through the many college choices, they use a variety of factors and information to select a college that seems right for their needs and goals. Unfortunately, it is the college Public Relations Department that supplies most of that information. However, there are many additional factors that should be considered, when they are important to student success. 1. Job Search Preparation – Does the college both offer and explain exactly what students can do to make themselves more attractive to potential employers? (Not only grades, but books, web sites, coaching, interviewing and résumé preparation training, lectures,

To be successful, every college student has a long list of obligations that he or she must be willing to fulfill. Since these obligations are not always made clear to students, many end up falling short in several important areas. Students must be aware of the following obligations and stay on top of their performance and progress, as they move through college. Student obligations include: 1. Financial Obligations – College is serious business. Most students recognize that college is expensive and expect to graduate owing plenty of money. However, only the most serious and dedicated students will graduate with jobs