4 Real Jobs You Can Work From Home

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Real Online Jobs From Home

There is a lot of people out there attempting these things. The first thing that most of us think about is that they will have to become some sort of online marketing guru. This is not the case at all, and getting to be that is almost as hard as becoming a famous actor, so let’s just keep it simple.

The first way that I would like to tell you about is the most important and I think is going to be a big part of the future. More and more people will be working from home than ever in 10 or so years.

Just think about 2 things and you will get my point:

1. The emergence of digital signage. I can put this in one little nutshell for you. When we go to the movies, at the counter is a live person that asks what you would like to see and how many tickets. They then take your card or cash and complete the transaction for you.

In the future you will be talking to a TV with a person in uniform sitting at home. You will insert your card or cash and there will be no live person actually handling it in any way.

2. More and more tech support and sales professionals are working online and at home. Webinars, tools like GoToMeeting and other technology are easing people off of planes and highways and onto computers.

So think about that. Now what comes to mind? What should come to mind is that there are plenty of opportunities for you now and in the future to work from home. These suggestions are geared to more practical and actual jobs. Stay with me here…

The first and perhaps easiest online job you can do from home is sales. Online sales is growing FAST and in big numbers. With just a half of a day researching I know for a fact that you can get some decent leads on doing sales from your computer at home. I personally have a friend that works for Apple. He works about 4 hours a day and spends the rest of his time with his little one. Easy and fun job that pays pretty decent too.

The second is in the same realm. That would be online tech support. Hundreds of the top tech companies are going this way. There is just no need to have a huge 4 story building full of cubicles when they can simply have their technicians work from home. The tech support people are happier and the company saves money, so what is not to love there?

Now, I realize that most of you that are reading this are not tech people, and I am not suggesting that you start diving into boring computer books just in hope that you can get a job like that. That is not a great fit for everyone.

The third is pretty elusive, but is really out there. That is the world of surveys, typing, and other data entry related work. I may have just struck a nerve with you, but if that is the case be ready to feel better.

I know personally that there are about a million scams out there on this subject and you may or may not have been burned. However, the fact is that there is work out there for you in this niche. Since I have been around the block many times I can actually suggest one that I know for a fact:

A. Works

B. Only requires $27 to get started

Anything that asks you for $500 to get started, tell them to take a hike.

The last is pretty simple, but a little more abstract. I tell this to all of my coaching students. That is this: “Everyone is an expert at something. What do you know? What do you love?”

Let me give you an example of a former client of mine. He had come into a bad spot, got laid off, that whole story. He had a great place on a lake, gorgeous place down in Florida. So when I asked him that question and he got to thinking.

He knew all about the extra and little things that you needed to do to keep your lakefront looking nice. Turns out there are special rakes and other tools for doing this. Well, guess what. About a year later he’s making good money selling lake rakes and other various lake niche tools.

So think about that. Long and hard. How can you help others with it, then put it into action. If you need some advice or help getting the website up and such, just contact me. I will steer you in the right direction.

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