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  • Predatory lending exists in the mortgage industry. It’s typically when a mortgage broker add’s on unnecessary fee’s to a bad credit application, because he or she knows that the [Read More]
  • While it is easy for Americans to come to Thailand for a holiday, Thais and other nationalities have to undergo a thorough procedure in obtaining a tourist visa that they may be able to enter the US [Read More]
  • What Business Owners Can Learn From Tesla. I don’t want to mess with ya. You are the talk of the town. The stores are filled with people wanting to buy you. Your CEO Elon Musk is a stud. He [Read More]
  • Part One. Each of us has a reason for investment in stocks and in this instance mine is FOG No, this is not another newfangled over-the-counter derivative designed for obfuscation but simply [Read More]
  • Anyone looking for currency diversification strategies should consider a multi-currency bank account. Unfortunately this banking product is actually unknown in North America and the UK, although it [Read More]
  • In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever for high quality brands to retain and build on the loyalty of their customers, as well as attracting new ones. It may [Read More]
  • The Program for the “Participatory Administration” The maximum grade, or level of life that can reach a society or civilized Town, consists on being able to implement on its governments, [Read More]
  • An exchange rate is the cost for exchanging one currency for another. Exchange rates oscillate regularly throughout the week since currencies are being actively traded. That makes the price go up and [Read More]
  • In life there are a lot of things we learn by accident, which can be very beneficial to us. Sometimes understanding these processes can take a while. Sometimes after proper explanation … BLAM, [Read More]
  • It was a ho-hum Sunday afternoon in the city of Poway, just northeast of San Diego. I made my way into a US Bank satellite branch inside a Vons supermarket to pay my Visa statement. One teller was [Read More]

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