Accountant Jobs for Freshers in Kolkata and Your Prospects

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Kolkata is the major commercial and manufacturing center of northeast India. The city is fast emerging out to be a job seekers destination due to the presence of many national and international corporations in sectors across. This article is written to give an account of the available finance and accounting jobs for freshers.

Kolkata's job market is in full swing. If you will go through any of the online job boards, you will notice scores of accountant job vacancies listed by various companies. So what's the reason behind the ample number of accounting jobs in Kolkata? Well, the answer is pretty simple, Kolkata has a strong banking and finance sector which is churning lucrative opportunities for professionals of this domain. There are numerous Indian banks, foreign banks and even world banks that have opened up their branches in the city.

Why Kolkata is Profitable for Accounting Job Opportunities?

There are two large Indian banks based in the city are- UCO Bank and United Bank of India. Other multinationals that have entered the stage include ABN, AMRO, HSBC, Bank of America, Standard Chartered Bank and so on. Further, state govt has set up the financial hub at Rajarhat on the outskirts of the city. Sprawling over an area of ​​300 acres, the hub will be the home to various banking and financial institutions, breaking firms, insurance companies, stock exports and so on. This move is likely to generate plethora of job opportunities, especially in accounting domain.

From the above discussion, it would be safe to claim that Kolkata has flowering prospects for budding accountants. Let us know take a quick glance on the skills needed to have a successful accounting career.

As a job seeker, it is really important that you are aware of the requisite skills and exercises. It will not only help you to grab a job but will make it easier for you to survive in the professional world. Here are some skills to assist you stand out as an excellent accountant.

Organizational skills

Accountants are important figures where ever they work. They shoulder a lot of responsibilities from managing ports to handling transactions and including all deadlines is met. For this, accountants need to have great organizational skills; else it would be a mess.

Time Management

Organizational skills are a waste without good time management skills. As an accountant, you would be constantly juggling between multiple tasks and priorities. Employers look for a candidate who has the ability to finish the tasks within stringent time limits.


Irrespective of where you work, what your job entails, or who you work with, effective communication skills are highly valuable. Being able to clearly express yourself in both written and oral is one of the desired behaviors for accountant jobs.

To sum up, there are plenty of accountant jobs in Kolkata for the descripting candidate. Flaunting the right and confident attitude will help you to move closer to the job offer.

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