An American Who is Crazy About Chinese Culture

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Lloyd Doppman, a retired police official with blue eyes, is an American. But you must be surprised when he speaks. He can not only speak fluent Chinese, but also says some Chinese idioms and poems in Tang dynasty. His Chinese calligraphy is better than ordinary Chinese, let alone his understanding on Chinese culture like the art of serving the tea, Chinese calligraphy and painting. He has also been to many natural scenic spots in China, and he is a real China hand.

Lloyd was born in New York. When he was a child, his parents often took him to Manhattan harbor, where he saw some Chinese characters and was very crazy about them. But his parents told him that it is too difficult to learn these characters. His dream ended in that time. Lloyd was enrolled into army at the age of 19 and he was sent to Korea where he learned Korean. After that, he had a chance to go to Japan and learned Japanese there. He gradually found that both Korean culture and Japanese culture are affected by Chinese culture.

Lloyd returned to New York and became a police. To learn Chinese well is his job’s requirement. So he attended Chinese courses and was trained by his colleague’s wife who is a Chinese. So his Chinese progress is very great. To learn Chinese well is his object. He has learned so much Chinese for over 20 years. Due to the job, Lloyd together with his colleague Li Mingyi must go on business trip to Asia every year. They travel through many countries and regions. Li Mingyi is responsible for speaking Catonese, and Lloyd is responsible for speaking Chinese mandarin.

Lloyd loves to write Chinese calligraphy. He knows that Kai style calligraphy is the basis but writing Cao style calligraphy is freer. Because the job often made him depressed, he often practiced calligraphy for relaxation. In all of calligrapher, he like Wang Xizi the best. Besides the calligraphy, Lloyd is also crazy about other Chinese culture. He like drinking tea. There are over ten kinds of tea at his home.

He like drinking Longjin tea in summer. Fujian Tieguanyin tea is also one of his favourite teas. He like listening to Chinese songs, especially listens to the songs of Deng Ligun and Feng Feifei. But he doesn’t like song stars of new generation. He collects inkstones and cobbles. He also makes snake’s wine and ginseng’s wine by himself. In China, he has learned how to bargain with a vendor. At home, he like reading history book, especial for the book about Asian history.

After he retired, Lloyd becomes a consultant in New York state education office with his Chinese ability, helping the Chinese children who have some difficulties in their Chinese study.

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