An Effective Job Search Strategy

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Today there are several ways to market yourself online, prospecting for leads.

1. At first create an exhaustive list of all companies you are interested in, all published job openings (see where to look for published job openings below), and then start visiting the corporate web sites of your target list of companies. Look for published job openings of yours interest and make note. Now its best to proceed in the following three steps.

* At first contact yours friends / ex-collections / acquaints in this company and find out if they will be willing to recommend you or at least forward yours resume to the hiring manager. If they agree then send in yours carefully crafted resume along with a cover letter and wait for the call.

* If this does not work out then contact your list of recruiters and find out who works directly with this company. In general you will find at least a few recruiters who will have contacts in these companies and can help you.

* As a last resort submit yours resume to the company's online job data bank for the published opening.

2. Contact all professional career recruiters in your field and send them yours resume along with a recruiter specific resume.

3. You should consider posting yours resume to all the major career websites such as Monster, Flipdog, HotJobs, CareerBuilder, etc. Also try to find out small niche community, region, and industry related websites and discussion groups in yours locality. For example if you are in San Francisco Bay area consider posting yours resume to yahoo KITList discussion group. Do not forget the professional or industry associations too.

Published Openings Sources

Employers will use a variety of methods to generate a candidate pool when they advertise. Listed below are the major categories.

Networking – What is the easiest way to land a job? Its through networking. Lets see how a typical job opportunity evolves.

A manager sees a need for some new people in his group, because of too much work or new projects coming up or some positions opening up because someone else is getting promoted but does not have the time to fully define the job description, yet. He will start looking for some people in other groups in the organization, or start asking his friends and colleagues if they know any potential candidates. Now this is the best time for you to get a job cause the manager will most likely just interview a few people and take his decision. Competition for these jobs is significantly less than published job openings and maybe you are running alone. Companies like to fill in positions in this way because

· There are no hassles of creating job descriptions and going through administrative process.

· No need to go through a full-fledged recruitment process.

· No fees to pay to recruiters and publishers.

· The manager is comfortable that he is hiring a recommended person.

How do you start Networking? Create a contact list of all the people you know and you may categorize them in the following categories.

· Friends

· Former Colleagues and Co-workers

· Professional Organization Contacts

· Alumni and former classmates

· Yours company customers, suppliers and consultants.

· Former managers.

Company Web Sites – List all the companies you know, or are interested in and visit their corporate websites. In these case companies do not have any published openings right now, considering posting yours resume on their online job data bank, as employers will often search the resume bank before advertising a position. Some companies provide an "email notification" feature to let you know when matching opportunities are available.

Newspaper / Magazine Classifieds – Create a list of all the newspapers, local publications in the region you are interested in. Companies will often advertise in the local publications first. If you are looking for opportunities in several geographic locations, the online method will be the better approach.

Career Hubs – Considering posing yours anonymous resume to the online job and resume sites. Employers and recruiters regularly post their new open positions and also retrieve resumes posted on these web sites. The best known of these include, Flipdog, Hotjobs & CareerBuilder. Also find out all the locality specific job sites and discussion groups.

Profession / Industry Specific Publications – Browsing through newspapers, business and professional journals and online research databases can give you new ideas about where to look for opportunities that may not be advertised. This serves to update you on trends in the economy and to point you to industries and organizations where employment activity is taking place.

Professional Recruiters – Contact all the professional recruiters and onsite recruiters you may have access to, also consider visiting their web pages and submitting yours resume there. Use the included list of recruiters and consider sending yours resume to most of them.

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