Bank Teller Background Checks – What You Need to Know

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It is important to know how to become a bank teller. One of the prerequisites is the background check. This can be quite intimidating for applicants who do not yet have any knowledge of background investigations. Yet, this is a very important process so try to understand each and every aspect of this system of verification.

Components of Background Checks

Criminal history is one segment of this method in checking personal history. This is important if you want to become a bank teller. Searches for felonies and minor wrongdoing are possible according to state, county or even the whole nation. It will require a certain fee. Certain states can only give information for the previous seven years. Review the laws of state Governments regarding this aspect. Record of public information is available but juvenile data can not be obtained. Civil accounts are just like criminal records but certain more to the fact if the job candidate became a petitioner (stainiff) or defending (accused party). The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) will always display wanted criminals. All these are important for individuals who want to become a bank teller.

Credit reports are also important in background checks if companies want financial records Bankruptcies earlier than seven years will not show. Social Security reports will disclose residences of the candidate for the past seven years. Name discrepancies are utilized for the verification of addresses. Employer verification is what most applicants are worried about. However, positive and negative references along with previous salaries are not usually provided to avoid inaccurate or flawed references form past employers. Again, this is a primary concern in bank teller jobs .

Drug tests may be required. Nearly 20 percent of background checks include tests on prohibited substances. Companies usually commission local clinics to perform this test. However, this is normally done on a case-to-case basis since drug tests are fairly expensive. Reference verification means that employees get in touch with references provided by the job applicable regarding employment performance. Personal matters are not verified and only references mentioned in the resume are called. If you want to become a bank teller, education is also validated. This form of background check will check on the applicant's school attendance, degree, certification and corresponding dates. This is meant to prevent falsification of scholastic records which has been a rampant practice in the past. The key is to be honest with your education to avoid problems with your employment.

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