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Banking interviews are meant to gauge the potential of the candidate to see if he / she has the skills to be placed in any suitable post in the bank. Banking interview questions are intended to measure the attitude, skill and adjustment of the candidate, to draw a conclusion on his / her suitability in the firm. The interviewers will ask as many questions that they think is necessary before recruiting any candidate as they are concerned with the fact that the quality and skills of the employees will determine the future of the company.

To become successful in the banking interview process, you need to be well prepared to face the different sets of banking interview questions. Banking interview questions also starts with some general questions about the candidate such as his / her family background, education, and interests. The second and third set of banking interview questions will be meant to know the candidate's work experience, nature, capacity, ideology, and ability to solve problems. Answering to the fist set of banking interview questions related to your family, qualification, or future planning will be quite easy.

Let us discuss some of the common but very effective banking interview questions.

The interviewer may typically begin with 'tell me about yourself.' It is a common opener which is meant to set the ball rolling for the next few minutes ahead. score brownie points by answering the question a bit differently, but at the same time not deviating much from the context.

Other commonly asked banking interview questions include:

General Questions

Why did you choose banking as your profession?
Do you have any previous experience?
Why you left your previous job?
Why do you want to work for us?
How long will you stay with us?
Where do you see yourself in another five years?

Finance related banking interview questions

If you could buy one stock today, what would it be and why?
Can you explain the effect of rising interest rates on the United States economy?
What are the main issues ABC Company has to face before introducing a given industry (Porter framework)?
Explain the techniques you use to value firms?
What do you mean by cost of capital?
When do you use a WACC versus a cost of equity?

Behavioral Questions

Do you think you have leadership quality? Can you explain when you show show leadership?
Have you think you can perform well in a group?
What is your most noted accomplishment?
What are your positive hits or strengths?
What are your negative hits or weaknesses?
What you can do for the company others people can not?
Explain an example when you had a personal conflict and how you resolved it?
Tell a time when you had an ethical dilemma and how you resolved it.
What type of person do you find difficult to get along with?

The above mentioned are some of the common questions that are used by most of the banking interviewers. Remember that for a banking job interviewer, there can not be a dearth for questions. So be well prepared before attending the interview and answer all questions in a positive way. Remember if you have the material that they are looking for, you'll get it.

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