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N.Y.S. Needs More Notary Public Applicants

Michael Brown, President of the New York State Notary Association with over 10,000 members strong says, “Now anyone of good moral character can be the Notary Public quite easily where they work if they pass a quick exam. Mr. Brown stated that, “The need for more & more Notary Publics in government and private business offices everywhere has increased ten-fold because of the litigious society we live in.”

Disdainful things on the rise, like bankruptcy, identity-theft and consumer fraud have sparked the need for just about any written agreement or statement to now be witnessed (Notarized) by a State Officer, a Notary Public who is basically a witness from the State in case there is an occurrence of fraud or an argument ensues from the original paperwork.

Employers in both private & government settings are now realizing the benefits of having at least one person licensed as a Notary in their offices. They realize that by having a Notary in their office witnessing the instruments they sign in agreement with other parties, they take a proactive posture in raising the level of accountability for those “other parties” which in turn discourages un-responsiveness to agreements & downright fraud by imposing the very real threat of civil damages and criminal charges to those who would otherwise exhibit less integrity in their agreements. The Notary Public in your office can witness anything that requires signatures as an independent third- party witness with no conflict of interest.

The NYS Notary Association recommends one- day licensing workshops for anyone in NYS who wants to get licensed & become a valuable asset where they work. The workshop is conducted in hotels in every major area of the state for a one time fee of $149.00. The Association also offers FREE membership to anyone already licensed in NYS. The FREE membership services for any existing Notary in the state includes updates on the laws as they evolve and “basics reviews”, which Brown says are critical in fighting natural complacency. Brown further stated, “In an alarming survey I have conducted over the last 5 years of 5,000 people, we concluded that only 2 out of 100 people have actually been read the required verbal oath when swearing to an affidavit in front of NYS Notary Publics”.

This is a critical flaw in our system because that would make 98% of all those Notary acts invalid and subsequently unenforceable. At the root cause of this issue is the fact that once licensed as a Notary by the Secretary of State’s authority, the NYS Division of Licensing Services does not require continuing education and the Notary simply forgets their legal procedures. It is recommended by Brown that new state statutes are enacted which would require continuing education to fix the flaw in our system.

Brown states, “In the meantime, all Notaries should take advantage of the free membership attend the aforementioned workshop every 2 years to keep abreast of changes and to review their procedures. For free membership and approved “Become a Notary Workshops” call 845-298-4667 or go to

Source by Michael D Brown

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