Being a Customer Service Manager – Role, Responsibilities, and Job Requirements

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In BPO corporate scenario ‘customer is the king’ and customer service is the lifeline of business process outsourcing industry. No BPO can ever imagine ignoring the needs of their targeted clients. Understanding and managing the requirements of the clients serve to be the major tasks of the customer service management. Now the job of the customer service managers is to ensure that the communication between different departments is maintained accordingly and effectively. This will be the way to ensure quality of service and products that are delivered to customers. In this article, you will get a thorough insight about the job responsibilities of the customer service manager in BPO industry.

Job description of the customer service manager

Customer service managers in call centers usually work to satisfy the requirements and needs of their clients. Now managers work at diverse levels right from dealing and managing the customers. One of the most important facets of the job of customer service managers is team management. They chalk out the customer service policies for the whole organization.

Now there are diverse job profiles connected that are associated with a customer service manager. For instance, the field that these staff are known to serve involves diverse career opportunities covering corporate service managers, customer care managers, customer operations managers and last but not the least the customer relationship manager.

Each of the above posts includes some of the specific responsibilities that need to be carried forward so as to manage customers well. Now the customer care/service mangers can also be appointed in the retail stores, offices, restaurants and in the call center set-ups.

It is the responsibility of the manager to lead a whole team of about 10 to 20 members. Furthermore, factors on leading one team will also depend on the total strength of the company and also guiding them to achieve all the given targets. A customer care manager working in a bank works to solve customer needs. They deal with the customers and also solve their queries relating to the functioning of the accounts and other related services as provided by the respective bank.

The regular tasks of a customer care manager whether working in a call center or a bank includes wide spectrum of responsibilities. Now these duties may include working arrangements, task management, staff meeting, development and training programs and more. Furthermore, some of the large-sized organizations can also assign the task of stock ordering and other financial responsibilities.

It is the responsibility of the mangers to motivate the team and to ensure exceptional inter-personal skills. There are several training institutions engaged in offering training for personality development skills and also improving the entire knowledge spectrum concerning this particular field.

Educational Requirements to be considered:

Most customer care managers are found to be well-educated including excellent communication skills. These managers also include good command over English language. A Bachelor’s degree in science or in arts stream with the years of work experience makes aspirants eligible for dealing the post of a customer care manager. There are people who enter in this job after completing the post-graduation and also to scale up higher.

Salary Range:

Customer care managers having prior work experience can expect a salary of around $ 30,000 to $ 40,000. For individuals having work experience between 1 to 4 years, the expected salary range will be in between $33,000 to $ 51,000. The total range of salary for candidates having more than 4/5 years or more years of experience will be around $40,000 and $58,000.

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