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Florida has intention to become the new International Finance Center in USA. The development of the economy, mainly the increasing number of tourists in the Miami area, has made the Fifth Metropolis in the country a home of over 120 banks. As a result of the increased financial power and the title of 2nd financial city in the US, Miami has become a home of many corporations, whose number is increasingly growing.

Working in Miami has been an adventure by itself. The unique “paradise on the earth” feeling accompanied with an amazing number of vacancies in every possible area of interest has made Miami the “love at first sight” work location for the consecutive past few years.

Trying to get a Bank job in Miami can be a complex task, considering the number of opportunities and different criteria and approaches the banks have. Oriented to self growing direction or excellent customer service primarily? You prefer casual or more sophisticated approach? There is a spot for everybody.

At Sun Trust Bank for instance, they seek creative and career – oriented people willing to strengthen their market presence. For experienced and those who are beginners, they offer competitive opportunities that will develop their professional and personal goals. The full “package” contains of ongoing trainings, development and rewards for their contribution.

Transatlantic bank has offered to make the life of the customers easier and more convenient. But how this match your professional needs when looking for job? Dedicated to superior personal service, they have a specific approach to develop a unique difference of a local community bank with global resources. There are seven offices serving the Miami – Dade. The modern banking technology have made the point of decision to those who recognize themselves as a progressive and committed to this mission style.

JP Morgan Chase and the Chase Bank have a presence in over 50 locations worldwide. A fact to consider when looking for diverse attributes of your future job. Very competitive goal, to be the best financial services company in the world has made a big impact on all future bankers all around the world. The feeling of belonging to such a big family and to have competitive offers that stay competitive is maybe just what you need.

Bank of America have always been a part of everybody memories, when talking about banks. Every tourist, every American, they all have the Bank of America logo somewhere in their picture of America. Bank of America is the largest bank holding company in the US and the second largest bank. Their presence in more than 150 countries and the connection with 99 percent of the US fortune 500 companies, has made this bank a serious choice when looking for job in banking. Easy to connect to any living place in Miami, as they are over 50 locations in this area.

Total Bank is oriented to the finest service possible. Strengthened by Grupo Banco Popular Espanol, they have developed to one of the biggest community banks In South Florida. Encouragement for continuing the education of their employees have been the reason to establish the TotalBank University, where the employees can perform various training programs. Oriented to personal development, TotalBank have made a significant distinction and gave the courage to all future candidates, feeling the unlimited opportunities which can make their career goals to become true.

City National Bank of Florida has offices in Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Stuart and Orlando. The accent to equality in choosing the candidates can make the future job seeker feel safe. Dedicated to drug-free workplace, they perform pre-employment testing. If you are oriented to “family like” working environment, where the relationship between the customers and employees are strongly encouraged this is the first choice for you.

The Ocean Bank is the largest independent state chartered commercial bank in Florida, with over 10 location in Miami. They make their mission easy to recognize, especially when looking for job in banking. Passionate to help people exploring the various financial products, they make every moment to guide you to the right opportunity. They provide dynamic work environment with diversity as a major sign of their development.

Bank Atlantic is striving to be the most convenient bank in Florida. Oriented to easy going approach, claiming to incorporate the Fun itself in every aspect of the service. Interesting way of expressing your banking abilities, if attracted by their style. From their business casual work attire, to the unique corporate culture, all put together for motivated and enthusiastic job seekers.

At Wachovia, a Wells Fargo Company, they pay a lot of attention how to attract future employees. As soon as they get them, they also pay attention to keep them motivated. A stable, rewarding career, with mutual respect is maybe what you just need. There is a recognized fact about Wachovia, to be a great place to work.

Bank United can be your choice if you are looking for competitive salaries and incentive plans. Established in 2009, it is privately held with more than 75 branches in 13 Florida counties. Joining them as one of the strongest financial institutions in the country can be the right move for the future bankers, willing to contribute to the overall success in serving individuals, families and growing businesses.

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