Can You Have a Misdemeanor and Become a Bank Teller?

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Almost all of banking institutions have acquired a status of being very stringent in terms of hiring employees. Applicants are required to undergo tests, verification of credit standing and criminal background checks. The misdemeanor bank teller has no place in the banking industry. The application of an individual with a conviction for any transgression may be denied immediately.

The misdemeanor refers to guilty verdict for minor offenses such as unruly conduct, theft, certain forms of physical assault, and possession of illegal substances. Punishment usually consists of fines, short jail sentence or probation. Banks are very particular with persons found guilty of such wrongdoing due to the nature of its business. Bank tellers handle huge amounts of money so employers are strict with regards to this concern of misdemeanor. In other words, bank teller jobs require a spotless criminal record.

Element of Trust

Trust is needed in this industry. Banks cannot risk the loss of money as a result of the dishonesty of its employees. There are policies that said firms adhere to and a so-called Misdemeanor Guide which states that numerous business organizations have been confronted with neglectful hiring and take into service a person who causes harm to the company. The situation could have been prevented if proper diligence was used during the hiring process. You cannot become a bank teller if you are an ex-convict. This rule is aimed at maintaining the highest level of integrity to remain in the business and obtain a lot of clients. There is no room for fraudulent personalities in any reputable financial entity in the country.

How to Get a Job with Misdemeanor Records

Aspiring tellers with this conviction still have the opportunity to find work in small banks. The key is to be very candid about being a misdemeanor bank teller and secure recommendations from previous employers, prominent professionals and colleagues. Bring with you past employment records that contain positive testimonials and commendations. Explain carefully that the conviction did not have anything to do with money matters. Highlight your strengths, good qualities and expertise to take the focus out of the sentence. Another alternative is to wait until the offenses will not reflect in your personal records anymore and this may take at least 10 years. The conviction will not appear when this time lapses and you will find it easier to find gainful employment. This can be your last option to finally become a bank teller.

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