Changing Or Advancing Your Career In An Uncertain Market

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The world is ever changing, and with all that constant change comes some stock market volatility. As presidents and prime ministers became elected officials, the market can react to those elections in unexpected ways. The same thing happens if the price of crude oil fluctuates too much, or if a major corporation sees disappointing quarterly results. This affects everyone, even those who do not have any money in stocks.

That means a couple of things for people who are wishing to either change their carers entirely, or at least advance it. First, you must assess whether these fluctuations have affected your retirement account, if you have one. Younger people just starting out may not yet have a significant amount or any amount of money tied to the markets yet. However, if you are a little older, you should check your accounts and see if you took a hit. If you did, you can still explore other opportunities, but you will want to be choosier about where you land.

Next, you must assess which industries are being hardest hit by any fluctuations, and see if that has affected their hiring needs. It is not uncommon to see a company with multiple open positions listed on their company website one day, only to see those same positions suddenly pelled the next.

Stock upheavals can create hiring freezes in a snap, so if you see a job you really want, apply immediately and be punctual if and when you get a reply asking for a job interview.

Of course, your odds of getting a call back for an interview increase exponentially If you know what to write on your resume to attract attention, and how to market yourself in a job market that increasingly wants to see your self marketing skills.

Thankfully, there are outplacement services that you can sign up for to help you along this job journey. You will get the help of an expert to look over your current work situation and assessment what the best type of job is for you, how to market yourself for it, and how to ensure you continue to move up once you get it.

After just one session, they can create a career map for you that takes you through all the steps you need to achieve your work and career goals. You will not only get a leg up for your next interview, you will have a great resume and a renewed sense of who you are and why you need to value yourself in the marketplace.

You can choose one session or multiple sessions over a 12 month period if you have long term goals. There may even be group sessions available where you can learn from others in your chosen industry, and network with them to build future business relationships. Whether your meetings are group, individual, or both, you will leave empowered to achieve your goals and never look back. A career transition can be hard on your own, or you can make it easier by getting help from outplacement specialists.

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