Equipment Used By Medical Laundry Service Companies in Hospitals

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Infection control is a major issue for healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. Clinics and hospitals require high standards of sanitation in order to reduce the risk of cross-infection from contaminated linens. Due to the stringent sanitation guidelines that must be met, many healthcare facilities choose to hire a medical laundry service. Here is some information about the specialized laundry equipment used by medical laundry service companies.

Washing Machines

These range from small 6 kg machines to large machines weighing 120 kgs. They can be programmed to perform both thermal disinfection and sluice washes. There are also multi-programmable washing machines with a range of features, which are ideal for cleaning different types of medical linens. Many have special features like automatic timing, automatic reverse, and automatic temperature control. The washing machines used to launder medical linens must produce wash results that meet specific health requirements. Medical laundry service companies use laundry equipment which offer quality, durability, and reliability for clinics and hospitals.


These can be LPG, gas, or electric tumble dryers or, hydro extractors, which decrease the drying time of medical linen by removing high amounts of water from fabrics. Newer models of tumble dryers have heat pump technology which makes them capable of handling all types of healthcare linen. Tumble dryers used to clean medical linens are designed for maximum efficiency. They dry hospital linen faster and are economical as well.

Ironing Equipment

When healthcare linens have been laundered, they require a professional finish. Skilled medical laundry service companies provide ironing equipment which offers the best solution to the ironing requirements of hospitals and clinics. These range from drying ironers, to table and bed ironers. These companies use ironers that are capable of ironing all types of fabrics to produce excellent results each time. Different ironers are used for different types of linens, such as clothes, bed linens, and table linens. The laundry companies use ironers that are easy to operate and have different features like automatic temperature controls and touchless temperature systems.

Most hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes aim to improve their laundry production through efficient laundry services. Skilled medical laundry service companies offer the best solution as they get high volumes of laundry done faster while giving the utmost attention to quality. These companies properly wash different items thoroughly and consistently, which help to improve linen inventory maintenance significantly. Towels, sheets, blankets, bed pads, rugs, mop heads, and personal items are all cleaned differently according to their unique specifications. Excellent linen solutions that fit a hospital’s requirements help secure patient satisfaction and health. By allowing skilled professionals to do the work, hospitals and clinics enjoy specialized and cost-effective linen management.

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