Five Reasons Why Teens Should Have Job

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Here are five good reasons teens should have a part time job. If some teens do not have the ability to handle work after school, it is advisable to provide them some weekend or summer part time jobs. Regardless of the financial conditions of the family, all teenagers should work in a part time job or do volunteer work at some point before graduating from college.

Some believe that teenagers will encounter many problems if they work, fail at school or even worse quit school. Some teens need to focus solely on school and education to make it, and education should and MUST come first. So without a teen simply can not handle both, in most cases a part time job is healthy. The chances of getting into real trouble are lowered if the teens are busy busy, focussed and on a schedule.

The five reasons why teens should possess a job are listed below:

1. Teenagers learn about responsibility when they work in a job. They need to fulfill several responsibilities like getting to work on time, performing their tasks perfectly along with performing well in their studies. Here, allowing your teen to find a part time job is one method to teach them to be responsible.

2. All teenagers would like to spend their own money and their parents money. By approaching their own from a part time job, they will learn how to manage money. For example, if they plan to purchase a car out of their salary, they have to plan how much money they have to save for the car, how much money they need for fun and then how much they will need for gas, insurance, etc . This teachers them that they can not spend every single penny if they want to attain their particular goal. The value of money so becomes real as opposed to acting like "it grows in trees".

3. Many adults still have not learned how to balance income with expenses or how to manage a bank account. The early young adults learn to manage their bank account, balance it and also start saving, the better off they will be in the long run. As they have to deposit their paycheck every week, they will be able to learn the methods of maintaining their bank account and if you teach them to set aside 5-10% of their income every week, their savings will grow quickly and will serve them well later on.

4. After school and after college jobs offer the needed practice and required experience prior to getting exposed to the actual world. This will change the attitude of receiving everything on a silver platter which is the common thought of many teenagers, or so we think! Experience about the real work world is an eye opener for many, especially those who are considering dropping out of high school. I strongly recommend you to sit them down with a budget showing just how little money a non graduate makes versus how much it costs to live on their own. This will give them a brief overview of what life is and the requirements needed to maintain the lifestyle they so desire.

5. A little hard work never hurt anyone. This is suitable for teenagers who are working while they study. When they have a part time job, they will realize that hard work is the key to success. They will learn to maintain a perfect balance between the work life and the study life when they work during their school year.

In a nut shell the five reasons teens should have a job are: Employing teenagers in a job is the right way to teach them to be responsible. This also helps them to fulfill their needs and desires on their own. Giving a teen a job allows them to learn to manage money and savings. It provides them with valuable work experience and finally, it is one of the best ways to learn about the direct correlation between hard work and success.

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