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How to Find Foreclosure Listings: In the article I’m going to discuss 3 ways that you can go out right now and find some high quality foreclosures.

Lets get into it.

The first technique I like to use and have had a lot of success with is networking. You see you need the insider information and that’s harder to find, so when you have the right connections you’ll find your being handed quality information that not many other people have access to.

What you need first is contact some real estate agents and tell them your serious about the business and really establish a relationship with them. These guys know where the hot stuff it and networking with them will take you far.

The second technique that I want to discuss with you is a strange one but its killer. Drive around your neighborhood and look at any signs on houses. If there’s nothing in your area then just have this point in the back of your head whenever your driving around anywhere. Keep an eye out for any signs you see. Quite often you’ll see things like ‘foreclosure; bank-owned’ or ‘bank repo.’

Then grab the contact that’s on the sign and give them a call. But that’s not all, after you have some info on that foreclosure, you have a very valuable asset you just picked up – the agent your talking to! Ask them about any any other foreclosures that are hot, because I guarantee a lot of the time they will have LISTS of them!

Another interesting way of finding foreclosures is bank websites. A lot of them will keep these lists. I know for a fact some that do are: Bank of America, Chase Mortgage, US Bank. So be sure to check that out as well.

I know I said I’d give you three techniques to finding foreclosures and I wasn’t planning on giving you this one because I’m a little selfish. Its called letting others do all the work for you. I personally have done all of the techniques I put above but now I just let others do all the research for me and I get the massive lists that they create.

I’ll give you the site that I use in the resource section as well (they have a free trial where you can get a TON of foreclosures so start with that). Also make sure that you gets your hands dirty and try all the techniques in this article.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this article on how to find foreclosure listings.

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