Frustrated Because You Are Unable To Join Clickbank As Their Affiliate?

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Mention Clickbank and every internet marketers and money makers would normally smile since it is to most people their most treasured gold mine! Yes, they made a lot of money through Clickbank. After all, Clickbank is the largest digital marketplace for digital products in the online world. Most of the digital products are actually eBooks but I do notice that the current trends led by successful Clickbank publishers are more towards producing video products. It doesn’t really matter as long as both Clickbank publishers and their affiliates can make some decent money. Tonnes of it would be better, eh?

To be an affiliate on Clickbank is chicken feed. Registration is fast and you can quickly join the rest of the 100,000 registered affiliates in no time. Unfortunately, many could not do so due to certain Clickbank’s strict (Loose actually! Read further and you would know why!) policies. Due to past histories of mega spamming and credit frauds by super smart idiots, residents of certain countries are banned from joining Clickbank as both publishers and affiliates. One country that I can provide as an example is Malaysia. How embarrassing, isn’t it? My very own country!

Even though Malaysians have been banned from joining Clickbank, some resourceful and sneaky Malaysians have found a few solutions that could go around this apparent problem. Their workarounds by far have mixed results but let me share with you what Malaysians have been using to fool Clickbank:

Using paid package and mail forwarding services

  • This is the most popular solution used by most Malaysians.
  • Malaysians would normally chose paid package and mail forwarding services that are run by companies established in Clickbank-friendly (not in their ban list) countries such as US, UK and Singapore.

    Almost all of this package and mail forwarding service providers would give customers physical addresses in their operating countries. So if you are subscribing a package and mail forwarding service in Singapore, the company would give you a physical Singapore address. Simple as that!
  • Once registered as customers, Malaysians would then join up Clickbank and register their physical addresses provided by their package and mail forwarding service providers. Ingenious!
  • The most popular package and mail forwarding service provider for many Malaysians at the moment is the one provided by US2Me Dot Com, operated and established in US. US2Me Dot Com would normally provide customers street addresses somewhere in Texas! They have a number of membership plans but it is their Bronze membership plan that most Malaysians are gunning for. The Bronze membership plan starts with a one time setup fee of US$23.00. There are no monthly fees to worry about but everyone must take note that the setup fee as mentioned earlier does not include shipping costs for your packages and mails.
  • Fat checks from Clickbank would arrive at the office of your paid package and mail forwarding service provider and they would later forward them to your local address. Simple but a darn brilliant way to go around Clickbank!
  • Using paid virtual office services

  • This option is gaining popularity among Malaysians especially among Malaysian Chinese.
  • Frankly speaking, it is no different than the one mentioned earlier since they are more or less the same. The difference is only in the name. While paid package and mail forwarding service sound like a personal service, paid virtual office service have that big businesslike ring to it.
  • You basically get all the stuffs as mentioned in the paid package and mail forwarding services. Physical address in Clickbank-friendly countries and package plus mail forwarding as well. The best thing is that most virtual office service providers would also gives you free web hosting, virtual fax and phone numbers manned by virtual receptionists! Great!
  • Many Malaysians that opted for this workaround or solution to take care of their Clickbank money making dreams chose Singapore as their favorite virtual office haunting ground. It figures since Singapore is the closest Clickbank-friendly country for Malaysia.
  • Singapore virtual office service providers normally charge service fees ranging somewhere between US$200-300 per annum. Some requires some sort of deposits for their free courier or mail forwarding services while others do not but would charge each shipment separately.
  • Like I have said earlier, this option is gaining popularity among Malaysians because some Singaporean virtual office providers are giving guarantees that their services can solve not only problems with regards to Clickbank but also PayPal! Malaysians all this while cannot make money on their money making dream machine Clickbank because of direct banning. Malaysians with PayPal accounts also could not directly withdraw funds straight into their local Malaysian bank accounts due to PayPal’s strict requirement that Malaysians could only withdraw funds to actual US bank accounts. These two magical baits hooked Malaysians for good! No folks, this is not a scam. Singaporean virtual office service providers can indeed help you in you PayPal dilemma. Upon signing up as their customers, they would later provide you with a recommendation letter that you can furnish to DBS, Singapore’s largest bank and that would help you in opening up your very own genuine new Singaporean bank account. Take note that PayPal grant Singaporeans the privilege to withdraw funds straight into their local Singaporean bank accounts. Malaysians who opted for Singaporean’s virtual office services actually kill two birds with one stone. They solved both their Clickbank and PayPal problems just by providing Clickbank and PayPal their paid Singaporean physical addresses! Smart, aren’t they?
  • Please bear in mind that both of this solutions or workarounds have mixed results. Some Malaysians using either one of this solutions or workarounds have in fact got into some sort of trouble with either Clickbank or PayPal. Their accounts were either terminated or frozen. The weird thing is that it did not happen to everybody. So far Malaysians have more or less draw the conclusion that those running into tight problems with either Clickbank or PayPal could have been flagged because of their dirty trade tactics such as resorting to spamming and so forth.

    I would be monitoring this issue very closely and those interested in following up with any new developments can do so by taking a peek or two on my Home Biss Blog.

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