How Can I Find "Bonafide" Work at Home Jobs?

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I bet if you are reading this you have tried and tried so hard to come across some really good and “Bonafide” home jobs. You probably spent a lot of money to get a bunch of nothing or just maybe you are just too LAZY to do the footwork to find out if there is actually something worthwhile out there. I am not trying to offend you… but for those of you who are in this category, you know I am talking about you!

Anything in life requires research. You have to find out in order to try it. Sometimes it takes trial and error on our part in order to find out. Everyone has their own opinion on what is legit, what works for them and what recommendations we can give. Well leave it to people like us (thank god for people like us), who have to do the research, spend the money and learn from our mistakes.. We are those that spread the word on what companies call themselves “LEGIT” and what companies identify themselves as “BONAFIDE” companies out there so you don’t have to. Your task is to find us out!

I realized throughout my research of work at home or telecommuting jobs, many online sites claim they are the legit ones, or just have the words legit period. This scares me a bit. I have literally eliminated the word “legit” out of my career vocabulary. If I had missed some, then they will be updated soon… So with my background in Unemployment Insurance, I decided that I would search for employers that fall under the guidelines of the official State regulations. These are the guidelines that I used to base my search:

No fixed rule can govern when employment is “bona fide,” but the following factors should be considered:

1. The manner in which the employment was obtained.

2. Whether the employment was in the regular course of the employer’s business.

3. Whether the employer had previously hired someone for the job.

4. Whether the employment is in your usual occupation. Now due to the economy, we have broadened our skills which allows us to open our own variety of labor markets.

5. Whether the wages for the employment is equivalent or close to the wages of your usual occupation.

You have to really do your legwork (RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH) in seeking what it is out there. I found it and I am eager to say these programs are working for me. If someone told you that you can do all this stuff for free and you can find online jobs quick, well they are certainly lying. You DO have to spend some time and of course, some money if you plan on being SELF-EMPLOYED and starting your career within it. Think of it as an investment for your newfound business. When you see a lot of ads indicating “Don’t get scammed!” well true, take heed, but every last one of us has a different experience and we all have different tastes on what can earn us money. In order to succeed sometimes you have to take a loss in order to get a gain. Not to say your destined for failure, I am merely saying that you should be “smart” and do your homework before you step into anything. So all in all you will have to spend something! And don’t forget RESEARCH!

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