How to Ace a Bank Interview

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You just received a call from Bank Awesome. They want you to come in for an interview next Monday. Wow! You were hoping to get an interview with them. You love the company and the job sounds fantastic. You really need to ace this interview. This article provides five tips to help you ace your interview with them.

Tip 1: Preparation

The best way to prepare for a job interview is threefold: (1) research Bank Awesome; (2) research the banking industry; and (3) research the role itself.

But, don’t stop there. You will want to identify the kinds of problems and opportunities faced by Bank Awesome as well as the banking sector in general. You can then consider how you could use your unique combination of knowledge, skills and abilities to help Bank Awesome tap into those opportunities and overcome those problems. From there, you can put together a set of bullet points to discuss same, or perhaps, an in-depth proposal. Either way, you got your big idea.

Tip 2: Rehearse the interview

Once you have completed your research and you know what you can DO for Bank Awesome, it is time to rehearse the interview. You can start by planning how you might answer common interview questions, along with how you might introduce your big idea.

You can also rehearse the interview with a trusted friend, colleague or family member. Doing so will enable you to get constructive feedback on how you are coming across. If you are still nervous about how you might be coming across, you might also benefit from rehearsing the interview with a career counsellor. While you are rehearsing the job interview, make sure you practice introducing your big idea in a variety of ways and doing so as smoothly as possible.

If you find yourself coming to the end of each interview rehearsal without having yet introduced your idea, feel free to make use of the commonly asked any questions to do so. In fact, you may like to practice introducing your big idea at this point of the interview so that its introduction will be smoothly presented no matter which part of the interview you end up putting it forward.

Tip 3: Prepare your materials for the day

Once you are confident with your big idea and how you might introduce it on the day of the interview, it is time to prepare some notes, handouts and materials you can bring with you on the big day. You might find it useful to collate your materials into a presentation folder, or organise them neatly within your briefcase. Either way, you will find it best to organise your materials in a way that enables you to quickly find what you want.

Tip 4: Prepare your outfit/suit the night before

You will be well-advised to prepare your outfit the night before the job interview. In this way, you will have your complete outfit ready to step into, without having to worry about where a missing earring is, or where that lucky tie is.

As part of your preparation, you may want to check that your outfit is in good condition, without any loose threads, holes or stains. You will also want to check that your shoes are not scuffed and that they are properly polished.

Tip 5: Check your appearance in a full length mirror before you leave home

Once you are dressed and ready to go, take the time to stop and check your appearance in a full-length mirror. Then have a full body stretch, smile and go ace that interview.

Source by Dr. Rachel Abramson

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