How to Expand Your Word Bank

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While living in the Philippines I have met two men both of Chinese background who have amazing vocabularies in their second language English.

Being an ILELTS English teacher my job is to help students pass the Cambridge British Council English exam.

I questioned both men as to how there English vocabularies were so advanced. In both cases the answer was the same, they were both avid readers.

English grammar is in most part set by those that speak around you in normal day to day conversation. It works much like accents which are affected by your environment.

I have yet to meet a leader who was not a reader.

Yet reading is in decline. It is a world wide trend. The nature of reading is also changing. 80% of the younger generation in Japan read flash Fiction in short bursts on cell phones. Many only read in the environment of social media.

At one peso per text the Philippines has become the highest text messaging nation. It is amazing to watch the skills of the young people who can rapidly text while talking to a friend at the same time. The texting system is full of abbreviations. Unfortunately only reading this clipped form of reading is very detrimental to gaining a large word bank.

Written and spoken communications are life skills that can affect your job prospects. As I said leaders are readers. Only from reading can the readers gain a good word bank and so have confidence to express them selves well and then more opportunities open up to them.

Watching information is easier than reading which takes more concentration.

Commercialism has set the intelligence level of the video industry to the level of twelve year olds. This industry does not use words that exceed a twelve year olds vocabulary. A whole generation is growing up with access to very small word banks.

The way to change this is to produce fast paced writing which purposely includes words not known to the readers to stretch them into growing their word bank.

The eBook “THE GREAT RACE” written for twelve year olds (which is the reading level of many adults) is an example of a good fast paced easy read yet pushes the reader to learn just a few new words while having a fun read.

The ending also is designed to teach young people that real life is not fair.

Graded reading is designed to put any reader at just their level and stretch them to a higher level, in a fun way.

Source by Ronald AD Sharp

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