How To Make $100,000 A Year, Part Time, Enjoyably

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Did you know that not very many Americans make $100,000 per year? $100k a year is the magic number. If you ask someone going into a business what their income goal is, many will tell you, they want to make $100k per year. Most people think that if they could just make $100k per year, than their money problems would be over.

Lets break down the title of this article….

First, If you can make $100k per year, you will definitely be in the top 10% of American earners. This puts you in elite company and starts to give you real options in your financial life.

Second, There are numerous people who have managed to crack the $100k level, but the have to work non stop. They have to put in 60 to 80 hours per

Week to maintain their income level. This does not give them much time to spend their money or enjoy the finer things in life. So, if you can figure out how to make $100k on a part time basis, you are really getting somewhere.

Third, I would say that the majority of those who make $100k or more a year do not work in an area that is enjoyable for them. Many are chained to jobs that keep them stuck in a rut and that long ago lost all interest and fulfillment. That have to keep plodding along to keep up their income to keep up the expenses they accumulate and so there is no freedom or joy.

What if you could put together your work life, so that you could make more than $100,000 and you could do it on a part time basis and you could do it working at something interesting and enjoyable? That, my friend, would put you in rare company. You may ask is it possible? Well, let me tell you from first hand experience it is absolutely doable. I have built to separate work lives that make me over $100,000 per year, each, on a part time basis. And while I don’t enjoy everything about those businesses, I do actually enjoy about 70%. This means, I have great freedom in my life both on a financial level and a personal satisfaction level.

Let me give you two quick take always that can help you get to $100k, PT, Enjoyably.

First, It is important to look around at who influences you on a day to day basis. That means who is having the biggest impact on the way you view life, the way you think and act? If you look at those closest to you, you will probably find that all of you have similar incomes and lifestyles. Nothing wrong with that except if they don’t have the income and lifestyle you want to have!

My wife and I went through a very tough financial time, basically losing everything and starting over from scratch. When we were going through this time, we had no close friends or influencers who made over $100k. After several years, we worked back and then were making $100k part time. I looked around and realized that we had 9 people who regularly influenced our thinking and actions who made over $100k and 8 of the 9 made over $200k and 2 made seven figures a year.

Now, let me ask you…. Do you think it is by accident that when I was going through financial ruin, I only knew people who didn’t know how to make money? And when I started to make good money with a great lifestyle, I had many people around me making more than me? Of course it is no accident. When you hang around people, it makes you view the world differently and their thoughts and actions begin to rub off on you. So a key question to ask yourself is…..Who influences me on a regular basis and do they have the income and lifestyle I want?

Second, Many people think that the key to $100k per year part time is to find the “right business” or the “right job”. The problem with that thinking is that I can show you two people, in the exact same business or industry and one is struggling to pay bills and the other is rich. I know a plumber who used to work on my houses, and he is a great guy and a decent plumber, but he always has financial problems. I know another plumber (through a mutual friend) and though he started by digging septic tanks himself, he now has an $10,000,000 plumbing company.

What is the difference? They both have similar plumbing skills and both are in the same industry, but one had business building skills and the other one only had plumbing skills. So, the belief that the only reason you are not making the money you want or have the lifestyle you want, is that you haven’t found the right business yet, can’t be true.

The key is the “right you” not the “right business”. Don’t you know people who are successful in one business and if they lost it all and had to go into another field, they would have it all back in a few years? Why is this?

Because they have learned the vital skills and they know what it takes to succeed and they believe they can succeed.

So, how do you get this skills? You need mentors and coaches and influencers in your life that can help you get to the next level. Here is the exciting thing, is that once you crack $100k, part time, enjoyably, you can do it over and over again. And then you have the freedom to begin to build passive income and then you can get quite rich, pretty quickly, once you have the freedom.

Check out some of the coaching programs we have that may help you get to where you want to go…..just make sure you are always taking advice only from someone who has done what you are wanting to do…

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