How to Work From Home & Become a Super Affiliate!

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Generate A “Jaw Dropping Income” Selling Other People’s Products On The Internet!

Before I reveal what it takes to work from home and become a Super Affiliate, I would like to share with you how I, not knowing anything about Affiliate Marketing was fortunate enough to choose an Affiliate Program at the beginning of my Internet Marketing career, and immediately began making income. The truth of the matter is, I had no web-site, nor did I have my own product. Another fact is I had very little money to advertise the product, which as you know is a must, if you plan to have any success at all marketing any product on the Internet.

What amazed me was that I purchased some “How To Information” on Affiliate Marketing off the internet, and learned there were some Free ways to generate traffic for the product I was going to market. Let me stop and say that I was Blessed to stumble up on an Internet guru who had powerful information on how to market products on the Internet, and his name was Cory Rudle, a young man who passed away a few years ago due to an automobile accident.

I purchased Cory’s training material, and paid for it in installments. I can tell you that his information was so packed with strategies and tactics that I knew that I had found a source to help me work from home and generate some real income on the Internet.

I began to act on the steps that Cory recommended in his materials, and by the way, he had his own Affiliate Program of the materials I had purchased from him on installments. I signed up in his Affiliate Program which was Free, and he provided various tools to promote the product such as Sales Copy, Advertising scripts, Emails completed and ready to be mailed that would sell the product to my prospects while I worked from home.

Cory recommended in his training that I should find member organizations that were comprised of people who wanted to work from home marketing on the internet. I joined one organization and paid for a Solo Ad to be exposed to their database of approximately 50,000 members, and WOW! On my first attempt I received over twenty sales of the same training material I had purchased and paid for in installments!

My affiliate commissions were “huge” at a 60% rate, and from each unit I earned about $120.00! So, the first day I started in Affiliate Marketing, thanks to Cory Rudle, I earned approximately $2,400. This the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

I guess you are wondering why I chose to tell you that story, right? I certainly did not tell you about my first experience with Affiliate Marketing to try to brag or impress you. No, the reason why I wanted to relate that experience to you is because I wanted to introduce to you another Internet Guru who is one of my mentors, and his name is Ewen Chia who is known as “The World’s # 1 Super Affiliate.”

Ewen Chia has taught many of the Super Affiliates on the Internet today, and like Cory Rudle, when he speaks you are guaranteed that you will get nothing but Affiliate Marketing wisdom that will help you to work from home and have to make many “Cash Deposit” trips to your bank.

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