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Kolkata’s popularity isn’t confined to its culture, street food and palaces. It rather holds a lot to it, which significantly makes it contribute to the economy of the country. Kolkata, earlier known as Calcutta counts on to its strengthened position as the commercial, cultural, and educational centre of East India. It became possible only with the fast paced growth that the city attained within a few years’ time. While industrialization always remained a strength for the city, it witnessed a surge in other businesses too, resulting in the generation of many new job opportunities.

Though the rate of employment opportunities in this part of the country keeps on fluctuating, it still manages to keep the job seekers from all across the nation satisfied with the kind of jobs they get to explore here. In the last few years, the city has opened up many new avenues, which compliment the need of this modern world. This refers to the city’s growth in banking & finance, IT and other service industries. Besides, it also houses many food processing, engineering and pharmaceutical companies.

While Kolkata houses many industrial units and large Indian corporations, banking & finance and IT still manage to remain on the top. Let’s have a look at the city’s presence in these two sectors.

Banking and Finance

The financial sector remains on the top when it comes to looking at the economic growth of Kolkata. This industry has always been flourishing in this part of the nation. Housing headquarters of the nationalized banks including Allahabad Bank, Uco Bank and United Bank of India and branch offices of multinational banks and the World Bank, the city generates a huge amount of job opportunities every year. For those operational in banking sector can surely consider the career choices from this eastern shore of the nation. Due to the expanding operations in financial sector in Kolkata, it is also considered the financial capital of East India.

Information Technology (IT)

The terms software and electronics define the growth attained by Kolkata in the recent years. Within a span of a few years, it has presented itself as a hub of IT (Information Technology) companies. With this, the city finds itself on the verge of becoming a major IT/BPO destination that holds the potential of employing a large of IT professionals. Some of the international IT brands based here include IBM, Cognizant, Texas Instruments, Cisco Systems, Intel Asia Electronics Inc, Honeywell, Foster Wheeler and Siemens. The professionals from different parts of the nation get to explore the alluring job opportunities offered by these IT giants.

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