Jobs For 17 Year Olds – Best Teen Job Ideas For High School Seniors

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At 17, you may be thinking about preparing for college. You are already on the process of deciding for the career path which you are going to take. One of the best ways for you to find out which paths are you going to take to is decide on your fields of interest.

In order to give you an idea of which field you might probably excel at, try to have part time jobs. Not just one, but investigate several. By taking these jobs for 17 years old, you will be able to find out if the sort of work that you do is in line with your interests, your likes, and even your career path. If not, at least you can explore some other fields to study for in college.

Here is a list of teen jobs for high school seniors you could probably try out. Any of these part time jobs would be enjoyable and can also help you learn valuable information about what you thought you would like and what the reality of a job might be.

For instance, a terrific job for a student interested in nursing would be as a volunteer at a hospital. You are given one on one contact with nurses, staff and doctors and you’ll get a first-hand view about what the job is really all about and you may find after a summer that it wasn’t what you REALLY had in mind for a career.

I once thought advertising would be the neatest job. I had several friends in it and they were never really all that enthused. To find out for myself, I got an internship which gave me an opportunity as a receptionist later.

Once I saw the inner-workings, I lost interest and didn’t waste four years in college finding out what I learned much faster as a part time intern for three months. The creative part was fun, but the competition was like being in a shark cage and holding a bucket of bait.

If it’s serious career job you want, take a look at these opportunities:

1. If you have interest in the field of restaurant management, culinary arts, and hotel services, then working as a fast food chain staff would be a very good training ground for you. There is no pressure in this type of work. You just have to do this if you have spare time. The people you meet will amaze you.

2. TV personality. If your interest is on filmmaking and acting, then you can try this one out. Aside from this is high paying, this is also a very fun and challenging job. However, getting one would be very difficult since several people would vie to get this teen job as well. However, if you can get one, you might just want to be more permanent in this field.

3. Online writing jobs. When you are to take a field related to journalism, mass communication, or internet marketing, this job would be perfect for you. Aside from the fact that you get paid for every article you write, you can also explode your creativity. You might even be surprised how well you do in areas that you never learned a lot about in high school.

4. Computer programming jobs. Nowadays, this online job has gained popularity very fast. If you take computer science and information technology courses, then you have to practice on this. This is really high paying, but challenging. You have to work on a specific deadline, pay attention to details, work with stressed out people and have to focus entirely on what you are doing. Distractions will get you fired fast.

5. Medical assistant. If you plan to take medical courses or related fields, then this is a very good training ground. Some doctors need assistance when they are working at the clinic or in the field. This might be sensitive and challenging, but at your age, you can pull through already. You can even seek some advice from the doctor regarding the field that you are to push through.

However, ask a lot of questions if you choose any of these options for a part time job. You might be sorry if you assume it’s all going to be fun and games.

If you are looking for options that are more fun and give you more freedom over the summer break then you can think about a few of these things:

Life Guard – Check your local Parks and Rec. for a list of CPR Classes and local pools. If you drive you can check further away for these jobs

Outdoor food stands – Sell food items like hot dogs, popcorn, beverages, ice cream, coffee, fresh fruit and vegetables, the list is endless!

Promote a recycle effort in your neighborhood and turn in the recycle materials you collect, or sell them in a garage sale.

If you live in the country – stable person, or animal caregiver (groomer, horse walker or exerciser) is an easy job to convince people they need help with.

Old standbys that are good for a fast buck-gas station attendant, tutor, babysitter, dog walker, car washer, yard lawn mower, errand boy or girl (Personal assistant).

Imagination is your only limitation. Use yours wisely! Tell people if you have a great idea to earn money and ask if they would like to hire you for that idea.

If you need some other information and choices, then ask friends, family, acquaintances. Check with local business groups that network if you want a job in a professional field, church groups, 4-H groups, Boys and girls clubs, teachers, coaches, mentors. And don’t forget to look online for answers, ideas, and research.

Understand that sometimes when you believe that you are “too good” for some job or another, you miss out on opportunity that could have made a “ho-hum’ summer, a great summer! It’s not too late! Several teen jobs are still available today. The only key to work best on this is to be determined and confident with every single move you take.

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