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No matter where you look these days, Jobs for felons are getting harder and harder to find. Companies that once advertised heavily to fill a position now only advertise once and get literally thousands of quality applications so considering an ex felon is not normally on the top of their list when they have so many clean records to choose from. It’s a harsh reality but a true one. This combined with the fact that unemployment is soaring and so many people are looking for a job makes it near impossible to find jobs for felons anywhere.

“Well all that’s about to change big time, what you are about to read will have you employed and earning within one hour from now, Guaranteed. These places hire felons every day and you wont even need an interview. And here’s why…”


Why put yourself through all the stress of an interview only to wait for that letter a month later saying thanks but no thanks. When you get a job doing the following there is no interview at all, it’s all done online and it only takes minutes to do. So what are these fantastic jobs you ask ? They are “Get paid To” jobs and they are fast becoming the new number one job when it comes to jobs for felons or anyone else with previous convictions that is having trouble finding good paid work.


Here’s how it all works, there are thousands of market research companies out there that survive and make their money solely from obtaining consumer research on things like what people think of certain products or services, T.V programs, movies, politics etc just to name a few topics. They in turn pay web based survey companies to conduct the various surveys and pay the survey taker a percentage of the fee from the research company. When it comes to these types of jobs for felons, it’s a win, win situation for everyone involved. Just try finding that anywhere else !

Also they don’t care if the people doing these surveys have a criminal record. The best part is that they pay VERY well ! You can expect to earn $10 for an 11 minute survey/questionnaire. All you do is click the boxes and fill in a few fields on the surveys you take and before you know it there’s money in your paypal or bank account. That is why these types of jobs are the best jobs for felons you will ever find.

No one else will hire you quicker and pay you more than these employers.

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