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When you are underage and you need to make some cash for gas and games, remember that there are jobs for teens at Kohls.

Teens are somewhat limited in what kind of jobs are available for them their schedule is tight due to school and a teenager needs the interaction that one gets when they chill with friends. There are your fast food jobs for teens out there but that is not for everyone. It is not uncommon to see a teen working at a grocery store as they do hire young people but a job at a grocery store can have some unusual early morning hours.

A job at Kohls is almost guaranteed to be during normal, non nocturnal hours and the management can schedule your work hours around your school and recreational times. This huge department store likes to hire teens because they are typically enthusiastic and easy to train.

Many teens end up taking a part time job and staying there for several years and it is not uncommon for a teen to end up making that job a career as the company does promote from within and there are long term possibilities for employment.

Kohl’s is well known for their exceptional training program so even if you are not ever going to consider a full time career at Kohl’s, the experience will be a positive one and a notch in your belt for your resume.

So when you are getting ready to make a change from an empty wallet to a full one, consider a job at Kohl’s.

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