Law of Attraction and Millionaire Mind – Gratitude Opens the Money Bank!

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Invoke the Law of Attraction, unleash your Millionaire Mind, become a Money Magnet and open the doors to the Universal Bank by using Gratitude, one of the easiest keys to use.


There are different ways, different formats you may use to write your mind reprogramming instructions (for new beliefs, values or goals).

This is necessary because different people react differently to the different formats.

Some prefer the present tense statements (“I easily get the position as manager at XYZ company. The job is mine”), some prefer to use “You” instead of “I” (“John, YOU easily get the position as manager at company XYZ”), and others prefer to use the command mode (“Make $2,000 by next week”) instead of “I make $2,000 by the end of this week”, or even “By next week I will easily make $2,000”).

What follows is a format that allows you to incorporate the powerful attitudes of gratitude and happiness into your mind reprogramming instructions.

Start your “I am so grateful and happy that… here you write your goal…”


“I am so grateful and happy that I am getting the new job at company XYZ”

“I am so grateful and happy that I easily get the new job at $10,000/month with company XYZ”

“I am so grateful and happy that my investments are giving me a huge rate of return”

“I am so grateful that every day I get healthier and healthier”

“I am so grateful that money comes abundantly to me now”

“I am so grateful and happy that I am a money magnet”

“I am so grateful and happy that I am a millionaire”

“I am so grateful and happy that by such/such date I will easily be a millionaire”.

Those who have used this format declare that their goals are achieved a lot faster and much more easily. Internationally know author and lecturer Bob Proctor mentioned in an interview an affirmation he uses all the time and that he starts with “I am so happy and grateful . . . “.

Therefore, start invoking the Law of Attraction by using this “I am so grateful and happy…” format. You may use it for your financial goals. You may also use it for ANY goal in ANY area of your life.

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