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The Importance of Nurse Entrepreneurs

Nurses have been at the forefront of the delivery of healthcare for a long time. This specifically positions us to ask some of the most vital, creative and high-quality questions in healthcare. And as the great Tony Robbins once said, "Quality questions create a quality life."

So what does being uniquely positioned to ask good questions mean to the average nurse.

Well, asking the right kind of questions, can lead to some pretty creative thinking about answers to those questions. And, as many Nurse Entrepreneurs have discovered, answering the most common questions or solving the most common problems in healthcare can not only be a great service to patients, families and healthcare providers, but it can also be a very lucrative endeavor.

Terms such as Nurse Entrepreneur and Nurse Leader are becoming more common and serve as important new topics for discussion, even though many are not familiar with these relatively new concepts mean.

What is a Nurse Entrepreneur?

A Nurse Entrepreneur is a nurse, who in the spirit of service to others, creates innovative and impactful products and / or services – based upon his or her nursing experience – which are designed to improve the lives of patients, families or other healthcare providers.

A Nurse Entrepreneur can assume any number of different roles from product or software designer to consultant to an author, speaker or workshop leader. The possibilities for products and services that are born of one's nursing experience are endless!

Becoming a Nurse Entrepreneur: Do you have what it takes?

Even though becoming a Nurse Entrepreneur sounds great, not everyone is cut out for it. It takes hard work, determination and a true entrepreneurial spirit. Nurses, however, are used to hard work and are innovative and organized by the nature or their work at the bedside.

So, if you've got a great idea or think that you'd like to pursue a career away from the bedside which will allow you to have a lot more impact and income, start by looking around your facility for the following things:

– common problems that need solutions

– common questions that need answers

– common challenges that need to be overcome

– ways to improve upon existing products, software or systems

– ideas for smart phone applications that can improve life for patients or caregivers

– stories, concepts, or skills that need to be shared

Next start thinking creatively about ways to answer the questions you discover or solve the challenges you are faced with. Have discussions with your colleagues about the most common issues faced on your unit and how they might be tackled. You've been surprised just how creative you can collectively get and how easily a profitable business idea may emerge from this type of group-think.

These are just a few ways to start considering your options as a Nurse Entrepreneur. Educating yourself about the business side of the endeavor is another topic for another time. Stay tuned.

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