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These insects are little more than an annoyance but if there are large infestations of certain types, they can be devastating to animal and human populations. Many of the species carry dangerous diseases and can transmit them across large populations of people in a short period. If farm animal is exposed to mosquito attacks will often become diseased and malnourished. This can cause economic problems for farmers and incredible discomfort for the animal. To have effective mosquito control requires the skills of an expert alienator who understands the best ways to control their numbers. They also need to know the dangers that mosquitoes present.

The exterminator will use different strategies and chemicals to get rid of mosquito infestations in businesses, farmlands, and homes. They will carefully examine the sites where mosquitoes may be found and then destroy their breeding grounds if possible. They will also attempt at making areas that were appealing to mosquitoes unappealing. The exterminator may also give educational resources to farmers, business owners, and homeowners on how to prevent mosquito infestations effectively.

To learn which kind of mosquitoes inhabits a certain area the mosquito exterminator may use the internet to conduct field research to find this information. Once they know which mosquitoes inhabit the area they will research to find the techniques that are most appropriate for getting rid of them. There are legal chemicals or pesticides that they can use to deter mosquitoes from nesting near a farm, home, or business. When getting rid of mosquitoes the exterminator will look for breeding grounds so they can remove the larva before they mature. An exterminator may use other techniques like eliminating nearby marshlands and pools of standing water, which are popular areas for a large number of mosquitoes.

Many mosquito exterminators will talk to their customers about reducing the possibility of mosquitoes coming back to their properties, explain how to avoid buildup of standing water, sewage, and trash to keep their home, business, or farmland free mosquitoes. They may also give their customers suggestions about commercial pest control products that they can use without having to call an exterminator.

To become an exterminator that gets rid of mosquitoes you will need to have a high school diploma or its equivalent and attend a formal apprenticeship-training program. This will involve classroom and hands-on practice. The apprenticeship length will vary based on the new workers skills and employer requirements. Most of the states will require a new exterminator to pass a certification and licensing exam. This exam will test their knowledge of health and safety practices, knowledge of different fumigation techniques, and local environmental laws. The hours of an exterminator can vary according to their client's schedule. Most work for other larger companies but some are self-employed.

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