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Most people have ideal jobs in their minds, but it is hard for me to get the exact ideal job. I have the dreamy life pattern which does not include an exact job; I want to live the life with free, wonders, challenge and also enthusiasm.

When a person is asked what his ideal job is, he may answer quickly, a doctor, an actor, and so on. But when it comes to me, I feel at a loss. There are all kinds of work in the world, but I cannot decide which kind I like best.

In fact, I realize that what kind of job does not matter too much to me, what matters most of all is contain of the job, what I do in that job, and also what the challenge, the ability I need in my job. Many people prefer to get an easy job with a good salary, that would not require them too much energy and they will not need to be too tired in the job. But it is completely the same ideal to me.

In my opinion, my ideal job must fully utilize my intelligence and knowledge. I have been studying for so many years; the main purpose is to prepare myself for my future job. If most of my knowledge cannot be used, no doubt it is a great waste. I am not afraid of demanding and challenging job, for it is the best opportunity to examine my capability. As a result, it stimulates me to make greater efforts and to achieve more.

At the same time, however, I attach much importance to the personal relationship at work. A relaxed, harmonious relationship among the companions is ideal, for it is bound to improve the efficiency of work. I cannot imagine how they can cooperate if they cannot get along well, not to mention any achievement.

At last, I wish my job will help people directly, thus sense of achievement will make me work harder.

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