Nursing Certification: How to Get Certified As a Nurse

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Before getting a nursing certification, there are experiential and educational requirements that must be met. Nursing certification can only be availed by registered nurses whose licenses were issued by the State. Proving that a nurse met the specified level of education related to a medical specialization is the main objective of certification.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center or ANCC is a recognized credentialing institute that issues and regulates nursing certifications in the US. Educational and clinical experiences are combined in the certification process. It is true that a registered nurse can secure a job even without getting certified however higher wages are received by those who have undergone nursing certification.

As there are various kinds of nursing careers, different certificates are also issued out basing on these.

Before getting certified, nurse practitioners must complete credentials in advanced nursing education and have higher degrees of patient care giving skills. Their certificates will show NP after their names

Clinical nurses train and gain experiences as they focus on caring for specific types of patients and their ailments. Their certificates show CNS or Clinical Nurse Specialist after their name.

Nurses working in specific fields like diabetes management and forensics nursing and nurse executives are also offered nursing certifications.

Here’s how to get a nursing certification:

• Decide on the type of certificate you want. To get help, look up your options; find out which schools offer the nursing courses you are interested in, the course syllabus and outline
• For individuals who have a full schedule, there are online options available so you can take classes as your schedule allows
• Determine which course delivery method you’d prefer.
• When you’re ready, register with the ANCC for the course
• Pay the required fee if there’s any
• Find out what additional resources are available and take advantage of these. They could be study groups, multiple choice test banks, weekend review courses, online review seminars, etc.
• Set the date of examination for your course. The minimum required passing mark for nursing certification is 70%. Results are mailed to you within six to eight weeks.

When you receive your certificate, you can give a copy of it to your HR department and advice your boss that you have been certified.

Normally, certified nurses are paid more but if you were employed prior to receiving your nurse certificate, it might be more advantageous for you to move into a different post.

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