Offshore Banking is Not Illegal For High Yield Return Investing

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If it were not for the distortions, lies, and self-serving propaganda promulgated by the IRS, the US Government, and the bankers, you would not cringe each time you hear the words: "offshore banking".

Why is this so? – Because most people do not have a clue about what offshore banking really is, they simply accept the distorted things that they read in the controlled media and they ASSUME that offshore banking is some kind of criminal activity or tax free scheme. Or, they ask their financial planner, accountant, or lawyer and he, being as uninformed as they are, advises that it is too risky, unethical, illegal, or immoral.

The suspicion and fear surrounding offshore banking is actually only a condition of "lack of information & knowledge". Very few people, including both those who promote it and those who condemn it, really KNOW what offshore banking is. BUT, the IRS, the government and the bankers know too well that money kept outside the US is money they can not control, confiscate, or use for their own evil purposes. That's why they are relentless in their condemnation and defamation of citizens having offshore bank accounts since they fear it will only be used for a tax free way to hide money.

Unfortunately, the promoters of offshore banking have done very little to satisfy or alleviate the suspicions and fears of the public. In fact, because they themselves do not have a clue about the real meaning of offshore banking, these promoters have given the government, the bankers, and the IRS the tools needed to bind the public with the chains of speculation and fear regarding offshore high yield return on investments, banking, and many overseas opportunities. All these results in your money being kept in US banks and poor return yielding investments where the profits are small.

The scandalous condemnations and defamation of offshore banking is simply another deceitful scheme pushed upon the gullible American public by the US banking establishment and the US government. Their provisions are evil in that their intent is to keep control over YOUR MONEY for their own self-serving uses and mis-managing purposes. Have you ever heard of government waste?

No matter what the bankers and government tell you, their true intent is not for the restraint of the true criminal element in society like drug dealers, child pornographers etc. They know, as well as you do, that true criminals will carry out their evil activities no matter what laws relating offshore banking try to restrain them, because it is the nature of criminals to do so.

The real goal of the government is to restrain the movement of YOUR MONEY from going offshore and tightly hold it within their jurisdiction where they can have power over it and seize it if they can create a reason to. The true intent of the bankers, who work in a fascist alliance with the government, is to keep your money within their banks and that is why they hate offshore banking.

But the GOOD NEWS is: you can use offshore banking legally; pay your taxes, report your transactions, and by doing so you can legally enjoy passive income two, three or even four times greater than what you earn in the US All this is accomplished through your offshore offshore bank accounts and high yield return on investments .

If people choose to use their overseas bank account for illegal purposes, the matter will be between them and their conscience, and possibly their government if they get caught. But, remember, their illegal use of offshore banking does not make offshore banking illegal. If they get caught, then they will be at fault and not the offshore bank.

For many years people with deep pockets have known about and used offshore banking opportunities in order to protect their assets, increase their revenues with high yield return investing, gain personal privacy for their financial affairs, and legally defer taxation with tax free investing in some cases . BUT NOW, anyone with a good income, and modest savings, can take advantage of the same exceptional opportunities and free themselves from the forces which are opposed to true liberty and the sovereignty of the individual.

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Source by James Baumann Ph.

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