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Are you fascinated by the science of flight? Do you love air shows, rocketry, or the thought of designing and constructing aircraft or spacecraft? Then an online degree in the field of Aeronautical Engineering may be for you. Here there is valuable information.

Aeronautical Engineering encompasses a diverse field of study including aerodynamics, avionics, and the sciences of materials and propulsion. Engineers can expect to work among a highly skilled team of specialists to design and build air and spacecraft.

With today’s fast paced job market, students are turning to online studies more and more, and the Aeronautics field is no exception. Students are finding that earning a general engineering education, or one tailored toward aeronautics, through the web is both rewarding and convenient, and can lead to a career in aeronautics.

Think about what role you’d like to play in an Aeronautical Engineering team and choose the program that’s right for you, there are several options you can choose.

• Arizona State University

* Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering (Aeronautics)

* This four year undergraduate program offers students a diverse look at the science of aeronautical design and construction. Graduates will be able to find careers in the aerospace industry, or with government agencies.

* Careers include

– Vehicle design and performance

– Computer-aided vehicle and component analysis

– Testing of wind tunnels and flight

– Design and analysis of space missions

– Propulsion engineering work

– Systems in aeronautics and space integration

– Configuration of materials and structural design development

* Topics of study include

– Aerodynamics

– Aerospace materials

– Aircraft structures

– Propulsion

– Mechanics of flight

– Stability and control

– Additionally, students will gain insight in

* Orbital mechanics

* Altitude control

* Rocket propulsion

* Total online undergraduate non-resident tuition and fees total at about $9,815 per year. Total degree expenses come to near $40,000.

• Newcastle University

* Master of Science in Materials Design and Engineering

* This one year postgraduate program is designed to provide students with in depth study of materials science, and prepare them for a career in Materials Design Engineering. Graduates can expect to play a pivotal role in Aeronautical Engineering.

* Subject areas include

– Technology of manufacturing

– Oxidation and corrosion

– Prediction in design and reliability

– Materials and processes

– Nano materials

– Materials and tribology

– Joining technology

– Management in business and environments

– Sustainable industries

*Total program expenses come to about $20,700.

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