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If you’re hesitant to give up your day job, you could start a sideline business and see if it takes off. To uncover the internet work options that best suit you and your family, start with a bit of honest soul searching. A new business owner must be willing to work hard and not quit after three months if she hasn’t made her first $100,000 yet!

Even new college graduates are negotiating for flexible hours when applying for jobs. The Internet and tech tools like email, web phones, laptops, and personal digital assistants make it possible to work anywhere – whether it’s from a corner table at Starbucks or a home office across the hall from your baby’s nursery. Not only are your choices more flexible than ever, but you have better ways to find the job of your dreams. Employment agencies specializing in flexible work alternatives are cropping up across the nation to help people in various professions achieve better career/family balance. And with the advent of online job boards, you can post your resume and scan the classifieds for home based opportunities at all skill levels – whether you’re an MBA or a secretarial school grad. The newest trend is moms only job resource centers, owned and run by moms who are dedicated to helping you locate reputable employment with built in adaptability.

Insurance companies hire telenurses to field calls from anxious patients and recommend whether they need to see a doctor. They help insure patients receive proper care and return to work as soon as medically feasible. Teleradiologists work remotely to interpret digital X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. 

For the most part, the job application and interview process for at home medical positions is conducted online and over the phone. Compensation for home based medical positions is competitive with that of traditional healthcare providers. But it can be stressful work. 

While I can’t call them scams, many of the writing jobs you’ll see posted around the Web are looking for slave labor: “Write 50 Articles for $50”. The ability to concentrate and work well under the pressure of deadlines is important. Most writers who work from home are either freelancers or established magazine staff writers. B5media receives more than 5,000 applications from new bloggers each month, but only a handful of their 350 writers ever quit. 

Here are some important requirements of a winning resume: 

State only those skills and experience that fit the specific job 

Tailor the resume and cover letter to the specific job 

Give only the information the job announcement requests. 

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