Piggy Bank Perspective – Investing in Your Fulfilled Life

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It's a well-respected rule at our house. Every day, my wife and I "feed the piggy" at least $ 1.

For us, the piggy bank happens to be an empty water cooler bottle. Hey, we have BIG dreams to fund! It makes a pretty impressive fixture in our front hall and it's definitely a conversation piece when guests arrive.

Whether it's $ 1 or $ 10, "feeding the piggy" is a daily habit that represents an investment in our joyful life together.

Daily Investments Add Up

The first time we emptied our piggy bank, we were amazed at how much we'd managed to accumulate in just six months.

We've taken trips and purchased a new television set. Sometimes we go in there before it's full and just take ourselves out for a nice meal.

The most remarkable thing is that we've never felt short of money because of what we're diverting into the piggy bank every day.

If you think you can not afford to do nice things for yourself or your family, pay closer attention to the cash you might be throwing away on things that do not really matter to you.

I once read a newspaper article where the journalist had tracked her "little" cash expenses over a week and they totaled more than $ 300!

The rest of your life can benefit just as much from daily investments. A fulfilled life is not something you arrive at; it's something you build day-by-day, as you persist at taking these tiny steps.

Here's how and what to invest every day if you want to live a fulfilled life.

Your Health Piggy Bank

Do you eat breakfast, in preparation of the day's physical and mental demands? Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Do you drink enough water each day?

When you run an errand, do you choose to walk or do you jump in the car automatically and look for a parking spot closest to the door? Do you make time for structured exercise?

Do you incorporate time for relaxation and stress relief into your daily schedule?

Your Attitude Piggy Bank

What kind of impact did you have on other people today? Did you smile at a stranger? When you thought of a friend or family member, did you call to let them know they're on your mind and that you care about them?

Did you switch from negative to positive thinking when you needed to? Did you stop to be grateful for what you have and appreciate?

Your Dream Piggy Bank

There are hundreds of small steps that can take you closer to your dream. Which one will you choose today?

You could spend just five minutes reading an inspirational or informational article about your goal. You could call someone who's done what you want to do and ask how they got started.

Small daily investments add up to the big exclusion of breaking into piggy bank and reveling in your accomplishments.

It may be an improved test score at the doctor's office, a relation relationship with someone you care about or the pure satisfaction of taking action.

The choices you make on a day-to-day basis are what people will notice and remember about you. How do you want to be remembered?

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