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With the reinstatement of the DoD’s MyCAA program, military spouses with an existing MyCAA account have the green light to use MyCAA military benefits and prepare for a “portable career.” This term is often used in conjunction with military spouse training and MyCAA benefits. Do you know what it means? As a military spouse, it is beneficial to prepare for a career that can sustain your financial, professional and family needs as you move from one location to the next. Here’s a look at some factors of portable careers:

Plan for a career, not a job – A portable career is a career that you can take with you wherever you go nationwide (some careers even provide additional opportunities worldwide). As you move to a new city, you want a career that will be viable for years to come, meaning that you can build a long-term career that offers continued opportunities. This will enable you to stay within the same career field and not have to return to school every time you move – a plus for military spouses who may move on a frequent basis. MyCAA military benefits provide the starting point for portable career training – use your existing account to build a career that’s available nationwide.

Start a career that is not location-specific – As you plan for your future career, make sure that you plan ahead for a career that is not tied to your current location. Working in a small bookstore or shop is not going to translate to a long-term career, and may prevent opportunities in your next city. Additionally, being certified or licensed in one specific place may prevent you from doing this career in additional locations, and not provide the portable career you are looking for. As a rule, if your potential career is something that requires you to remain in one, static place, you should re-consider your career options.

Get skills that are in high-demand everywhere – As you prepare for your career, consider a career that is generally needed everywhere – something that you’ll readily find in communities nationwide. For example, every U.S. city has residential homes, which means that licensed salespeople are needed to assist with the buying/selling process. Additionally, many states have reciprocal agreements for recognizing and granting licenses if you have a real estate license from another state, meaning that real estate is a portable career that can translate to many different locations.

Provide a service that can be remotely provided through your computer – Another avenue for creating a portable career is preparing to work from home through your computer. This enables you to literally take your job with you wherever you go, possibly without having to change employers. A career that can be successfully completed from home, on a full or part-time basis, is medical transcription. In this profession, you will work directly with a health care provider or transcription service company and complete transcription assignments from the convenience of your computer.

As a military spouse planning for a portable career, you need to consider opportunities that will provide employment opportunities nationwide. These types of careers are going to offer more flexibility and long-term potential. Additionally, a portable career may entail individual “portable” skills, which can be applied to other types of careers, resulting in even more career opportunities. If you have an existing MyCAA military account, use your benefits to plan for career training that will accompany you wherever you go. That way, if your military lifestyle requires a move and you’re working in a portable career, you’ll be fully prepared.

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