Primary Roles Of A Certified Medical Assistant

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The medical assistants are the ones who always interact with the people. They book appointments and also make phone call to make sure that the appointment have not been canceled. Their job is more close to office work, but they also perform the clinical tasks. A medical office assistant greets patients, maintains the files, keeps the patient history and updates the medical records. There are many other responsibilities that a medical office assistant performs, like filling the insurance forms, looking after the patient’s appointments and also maintaining the bills and accounts. A medical assistant also handles the e-mail and hospital correspondence. These were the main responsibilities for a medical assistant in the office.

They also perform some responsibilities on the clinical side as well. Whenever you see a doctor is examining a patient the medical assistant always help doctors with the patient’s medical history and details. They check blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse rate, body temperature and also height and weight of the patient. A certified medical assistant also describes the procedures for laboratory tests and the treatment to the patients, like after a certain period patients have to come for some tests, how long will it take for the treatment. A medical assistant provides you the full information regarding your diet plans. They also sterilize the medical equipment and dispose the contaminated tools and sometimes they also prepare patients for the x-rays and also remove the stitches.

To become a medical or nursing assistant there are two ways you can adopt, a one year diploma or a two year associate degree. You can pass either diploma or the associate degree from a vocational school or from a community college. You can also take classes online, there are many online schools you can get registered with them and continue the study with home comfort and without any time restrictions. Online schools are also accredited. The medical assistant training covers both clinical and office sections. Like Principle of pharmaceuticals, first aid, lab techniques, administering drugs, diagnostic procedures, anatomy, physiology and for the office work; accounting, transcription, bookkeeping, processing insurance forms and keyboarding. It will be good experience if students work voluntarily during studies in any nursing home, hospital, or do internship while they are studying.

You can start working once you have finished your training or associate degree, but as now the employers are more demanding they prefer to hire the people with the certification. You can become a CMA by appearing in examination of (AAMA) American Association of Medical Assistant, once you are Certified Medical assistant, you will be working under physicians in their office and you will be earning from 28,000 to 40,000 annually. Working as a Certified Medical Assistant will open new doors of future for you in the field of medical. You will be having more job stability. You can work in hospital, nursing homes, and in medical recourse centers as well. You will be more updated with the certification as you will be renewing the certification after every 5 years.

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