Recession Depression? Learn How to Start a Business Without Big Bank Loans!

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Are you suffering from recession depression? Find the cure now. Learn how to start a business without bank loans!  

My neighbor has been unemployed for 10 months now. I’ve watched him aimlessly mope about doing yard work and other chores around the house, to try to bring some sort of relief to his despair. If it wasn’t for his wife’s income, we’d likely be getting new neighbors. 


Unfortunately this story is playing out all across America. The latest Department of Labor jobless figures have now topped 9.4%. In May alone, almost 350,000 jobs were lost.   If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who didn’t get a pink slip, you’re very likely doing the work of two people. That, according to a recent survey conducted by Their survey of American workers indicates that 37% have reported to be doing the work of two people — and at the same rate of pay.


How Did We Get Here?


The short answer to what causes a recession, is inflation. Inflation occurs when the cost for products and services continues to rise over a sustained period. This weakens the buying power of your dollars, which causes most people to “put the brakes” on spending. Especially if that spending is not cash spending, but credit spending.   


Inflation also sparks a decline in gross domestic product, which refers to the output of all products and services produced in the nation by businesses, like your employer. (So, by learning how to start a business without bank loan financing, you are essentially breaking a link in the debt chain.)


Once consumers begin guarding their dollars, business owners feel the brunt of decreased sales revenues, leading to cuts in overall spending – and ultimately job losses. The vicious cycle results in home foreclosures, government bailouts of banks (when mortgages are defaulted), and the like. It all perpetuates because of a dirty, four letter word — D-E-B-T!


There is no doubt that recession depression is real.  You’re not alone in your quest to find a cure. How is it possible? Especially, when all we hear about is:

  • More Job Cuts
  • Falling House Prices
  • A Looming Foreclosure Crisis
  • Government Bailouts

The Solution…


There is light at the end of this, seemingly endless, dark tunnel of economic woes. Be empowered to cope, by being in control of your financial future.  Learn how to start a business,without the crippling weight of debt. How?   

Bootstrap Financing is the answer. 


You can learn how to start, manage and grow you business — even if you don’t have much money, don’t own your own home, or have poor credit. Don’t allow the doldrums of recession depression to stop you from regaining control of your life. Investigate bootstrap financing methods, and start your own business TODAY!


If you’d like to learn more about bootstrap financing, claim your free copy of “The Bootstrapper’s Business Start-Up Planner”, by visiting my website.


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