Let me answer it right away. NO. Just look at some of the headlines from news sources in beginning of this year: India banks plan recruitment spree (FT February 7 2010) TCS to employ 30,000 more (Rediff.com February 12, 2010) Infosys to recruit 15,000 (Rediff.com February 12, 2010) Deloitte to hire 12,000 (Rediff.com February 12, 2010) Got the picture? Everyone is hiring in India, particularly IT and financial companies. If you are recruiter at a small or medium sized company, things are only going to get worse as far as finding right talent is concerned. Talent is the commodity that

Over the years India has become the fastest growing economy of the world. In keeping pace with fast growth of economy the number of jobs in India too has risen. Earlier there’s was a fascination among Indian youths to opt for government jobs. But today the scenario has changed though there are some youths who still prefer to go for government jobs in India as it offers life long security, good pay scale and attractive remunerations too. Because of the carefully taken privatization and globalization policies by the government of India many jobs in India are created. Its reported that

Knowledge Work and Human Capital: Human Capital: The knowledge, education, training, skills, and expertise of a firm’s workers. In general, the best jobs that remain require more education and more skills. For example, we saw that automation and just in time manufacturing systems mean that even manufacturing jobs require more reading, mathematics, and communication skills than before. For managers, this means a growing emphasis on knowledge workers like skilled machinist Chad Toulouse, and therefore on human capital. Human capital refers to the knowledge, education, training, skills, and expertise of a firm’s workers. Today, as management guru Peter Drucker predicted several