Self Interest and Vote Bank Politics In International Relations

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Pakistan & USA (Osama Bin Laden)

Pakistan was not aware that Osama Bin-Laden was in their cantonment.

We had to believe that, with a pinch of salt.

US did not trust fully its ally, in war against terrorism,

But it tolerated, its nuisance.

It conducted a secret raid, in Pakistan,

Killed Osama Bin-Laden and dumped his body in sea,

Pakistan kept its eyes and ears closed,

But protested against US for its local public’s consumption,

For violation of its sovereignty.

Pakistan & USA (Hafiz Saeed)

USA announced 5 million US$ reward for Hafiz Saeed, brain behind 26/11,

Then kept quiet, knowing fully well, he is in Pakistan,

Because Pakistan needs him for militancy in India.

US needs Pakistan in its short-term goal,

To fight Talibans in Afghanistan.

Will US marines ever raid Pakistan for Hafiz Saeed?

Not likely,

It does not serve self-interests,

26/11 is not as important to US as 9/11.

There are no absolute principles; yes there are absolute self-interests.

Principles are flexible, to suit self-interest.

US vote bank policy favoured elimination of Osama Bin Laden;

Hafiz Saeed survives, to keep Pakistan happy.

Italy, Diplomatic Immunity and Morality

An ideal utopian approach:

A civilised nation,

Must uphold morality,

and not take shelter behind man-made,

Diplomatic immunity and Geneva Conventions,


Morality is God ordained,

Diplomatic Immunity is man-made.

A practical, pragmatic approach:

A smart move by a developed nation, in a developing country,

Its diplomat, swore in the local court, and assured,

” Please allow the accused to go back to native land for a month,

They will comeback.”

When permitted,

The developed nation smartly refused to send them back,

quoting International Laws.

It suited their vote bank politics,

As election were round the corner.

When court restrained the diplomat, from leaving the country,

It cries foul,

Claims diplomatic immunity for the diplomat’s false assurances.

After, the elections, it sends back the accused,

As vote bank politics was irrelevant now.

Our civilised society is still imperfect,

‘It has miles to go’ still.

Diplomat lacked morality, the foreign nation lacked morality,

Its supporters, too lacked morality.

When integrity of diplomats is doubtful,

When we can not trust diplomats’ at their word,

Degeneration of Ambassadors as a separate class in society, is complete.

Reputation of morality in developed nations is at stake.

A cunning move and morality will always stay miles apart.

Do We Belong to Humanity?


We belong to our own specific sub-group only.

Will the new world, belong to humanity,

or it will belong to Christians or Muslims or Buddhists or Hindus;

or to China, US, India, Brazil or Germany,

or to Whites, Yellow or Coloured.

The only welcome change is:

gender equality in society, is progressing all over the world,

Will be a reality soon,

in underdeveloped countries too.

God created Humanity,

We partitioned it into subgroups,

Let us learn to undo our past mistakes.

Source by Charanjit Singh Arora

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