Starting a Prestigious Career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

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For anyone who's fed up with the sheep culture, which is currently widespread across the globe, he or she should really, really look for a career in aviation. Our world, and even more so our country, India, is brimming with engineers and doctors of all sorts. And in such a scenario, an aviation course such as aircraft maintenance course may come across as an exciting option.

Aircraft maintenance engineering sure sounds like just another branch of engineering, but fortunately, it is not.

Now that we have an exciting and preliminary career option ahead of us, let's see what exactly it involves.

First thing first, it's pretty important to understand that an aircraft maintenance engineer is not an aircraft engineer. The latter is a branch of engineering which is commonly referred to as aerospace engineering and is a 4-year degree course. AME, on the other hand, is a 3-year course, upon which completion you do not get a degree but a license.

An aircraft maintenance engineer assists in the maintenance, repair, rebuilding, and service of aircraft at the technical level. A day-to-day part of an Ames job is to conduct aircraft overhaul programs and assessing the conditions of aircraft and their engines. Only a maintenance engineer can certify whether an aircraft is fit for flying or not. Without the permission and certification of an AME, an aircraft is not allowed to take off.

Let's now get the eligibility and requirements:

  • A 10 + 2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths is a prerequisite for the entrance examination, with at least 50% aggregate.
  • A diploma course in any engineering branch.
  • A BSc degree with a 10 + 2 in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

To start a career as an aircraft maintenance engineer, you must obtain an AME license, which requires you to appear in an exam certification delivered by the Aeronautical Society of India. To clear that however, you need to enroll yourself in a DGCA approved aircraft maintenance training institute, for only they can depart you with the necessary knowledge and expertise.

The AME examination consists of 2 parts, which are written examinations and an oral-cum-practical examination.

The written examination consistors of 4 papers. These are:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • General Engineering and Workshop Practices
  • General Airframes, Engines and Systems
  • Specific Airframe / Engine / System as desired by the candidate

The oral-cum-practical test requires the candidates to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the maintenance of aircraft. This test involves an industry expert and requires a minimum pass percentage of 70%.

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