The Benefits of Teen Jobs

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The benefits of getting a teen job

Getting a job as a teen is very difficult and is becoming increasingly difficult with the declining economy. With that being said, you should try really hard to get a teen jobs because the benefits are tremendous. Aside from the obvious benefit of earning money and having spending cash, there are dozens of other benefits of teens getting a job. I remember when I turned 16 I could not wait to get a job and start making my own money. Here are the things that I learned and what you can learn to if you take the plunge and get a job.

When you get a job you are learning to be responsible and this will help you in college and as an adult. You will learn how to be on time and learn to follow through on what you commit to. This will help you understand the responsibilities your parents have and will teach the valuable lesson that you have to work hard for money. Of course most people would prefer to sleep in but if you set that pattern for yourself as a teen it may be hard to break when you are an adult. Believe it or not, I think that delivering newspapers very early in the morning (4:00 am) when is was 13 and 14 helped shape my work ethic and taught me to be responsible. The lesson I learned is that we all have to do things that we may not like. What I did like however, was being able to buy my own car when I turned 16 from the money I saved up.

Another skill that I learned is to communicate if all types of people. When I was 16, I worked as camp counsel. I had to communicate with the kids, my peers, my bosses and the parents of the kids as well. This certainly helped me in my early career as a teacher and can help you in whatever career you choose.

Another benefit that I gained was the experience and each job lead to the next one. For example when I was applying for my camp position, they were impressed that I delivered newspapers. When I applied to be a teacher, they were impresses that I had over 4 years experience with kids. My point is that you have to start somewhere and it makes sense to start as soon as possible.

In closing, teen jobs are very important for building skills for the future. My early work experiences helped tremendously later in beginning my career and I think it will help you too.

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