The Best Resources for Your H1B and OPT Job Search

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There are a variety of great articles and resources about the H1B job search accessible on the Internet. Since we do a lot of research on the H1B topic, we thought we’d fill you in on some of our favorites.

1. MyVisaJob’s Work Visa Database

We’ve referenced MyVisaJobs in prior articles, but never really discussed what this website does. To summarize, MyVisaJobs is an H1B data goldmine. You can search through their H1B Visa Report for detailed information on which companies sponsored for which jobs in the prior year. Information on past sponsorships can guide you when searching for newly posted positions on job posting websites.

2. Murthy Law Firm’s “Worker” page

Murthy Law Firm provides straight forward analysis of the H1B legal requirements. The vast trove of legal information found on Murthy Law can serve as a great advisor as you figure out whether you’d be a good H1B applicant.

3. VisaPro’s Myths and Realities

Looking for a really brief article to clear up some of the most misinterpreted H1B requirements, try VisaPro’s article at

4. The ‘H1B Visa Jobs’ Recruiter Platform

If you think a recruiter could help match you to a position, check out H1B Visa Jobs’ recruiting services. To make this effort worthwhile, you have to register and do a bit of work on your end to build your profile, and ultimately may have to pay for a membership service. This can be an effective way of getting your name out there. Particularly for those moving laterally, and who may have some expendable income.

5. H1 Base

For another treasure trove of information about the H1B Visa administrative and legal process, visit H1 Base.

6. LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, Indeed, Glassdoor & SimplyHired

If your H1B resources aren’t producing enough opportunities, turn to the big job search engines in the US, and then narrow your searches using some of the resources above. It’s a safe bet with these to always rule out jobs without a bachelor’s degree required or those which explicitly say in the job description that they do not sponsor.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that searching for an H1B job is still comparable to searching for any other job, aside from the legal and administrative hurdles. That means all the typical rules about networking, interning, and building experience apply. So all of the resources on the normal US job search can help you out too. Still, always interpret that advice in light of your own unique H1B background.

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